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Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd

She will be the progressive cause of 2014.  She will raise tens of millions of dollars from Hollywood and the netroots.  The media will adore her.

Snarky ads like this one run the risk of backfiring because they will allow her to play victim while trivializing just how out of touch she is:

It would be a mistake to underestimate her likely candidacy.

Update: I guess great minds think alike, I had not seen this tweet from about an hour ago before posting:


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    Rosalie in reply to EBL. | March 11, 2013 at 11:51 am

    I thought of him too but also thought of Warren. Kentucky’s a red state I believe. Maybe that’ll keep her out.

    sablegsd in reply to EBL. | March 11, 2013 at 12:02 pm

    Barry Soetero is a two term president. She will win.

      She can win. She is a real threat. So Professor Jacobson’s warnings are absolutely justified. That said, she should be hit with everything (substantive) you have. She has said insane things over the years, she is a carpet bagger from Tennessee, and she is strangely puffy.

Just don’t call her puffy, because that makes you a H8er!

This woman is a ditz. Unfortunately, so are many voters.

But nothing is more telling than Judd’s own mother saying Ashley “isn’t really that smart — she just acts smart.” It’s going to be interesting to hear her in a debate — unless the GOP candidate is stupid enough to have it moderated by Candycow Crowley.

If Warren got elected, she’s a shoe in!

Qualifications mean nothing, lies are everything.

The world is upside down…

I agree. Take her seriously. Ask for position papers. Ask real questions.

coal using breeders really need to question her.


I hope you have registered, ala the Elizabeth Warren wiki. Start it now! (I see a cottage industry here)

We know the left will be sanitizing Ashley Judd wikipedia.

This one should be entertaining.

Henry Hawkins | March 11, 2013 at 10:58 am

She’ll be exposed as a poseur lightweight whenever she attempts to talk serious policy, but if the media simply tosses her fluffballs to answer, look out.

Prediction: she’ll refuse to debate and all policy statements will come from anyone but herself, lest she be asked to detail policy positions written for her by the nat’l DNC. Handlers and media cheerleaders will cocoon her.

I dunno, Prof.

I do not think the voters would ever elect Sen. Chipmunk.

The region pretty much turned its back on nutz with AlGore.

Do both — ask for position papers and mock her mercilessly.

I like this ad. It’s totally factual and supported by her own words in quotes and clips. It’s neither sexist nor untrue. We have to stop shying away from the hard stuff for fears of “backlash.” Go for it.

For years Ashley Judd had been telling magazines that she had graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Kentucky.

Only problem was, she never graduated.

A magazine- it might have been Glamour- caught her out on this lie. She went back after this was exposed and got the credit. Washington Post story here:

But then in a Star Pulse story, she said she graduated from a “human rights program” and that’s why people thought she had graduated. Makes no sense at all:

    Bruno Lesky in reply to Mercyneal. | March 11, 2013 at 12:07 pm

    Phi Beta Kappa who can’t read / comprehend / add:

    “In a May 2007 appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Judd explained that she had completed her degree requirements in 1990 with 27 more credit hours taken than the required 120 hours, but had mistakenly thought she was one class short of the necessary requirements. At this time, she realized that she only needed to “sign a piece of paper” in order to graduate, and receive her diploma. DeGeneres then surprised Judd by presenting her with her diploma, which Ellen had acquired from the university.”

    Good Senate material.

The fact that Elizabeth Warren was elected shows that many voters are willing to ignore experience and sense when it comes to selecting senatorial representation. Proceed with caution — and if the “nuts/sluts” approach is used to smear her by the GOP, there will be repercussions.

[…] As a caveat to the above, I'd like to point to Prof. Jacobson's comment: […]

It would be foolish to treat any Senate candidate as a joke especially given the GOP track record in these races in the age of Obama. Ashley Judd will absolutely raise loads of money and make this the most watched race in the country.

That said, I think a few caveats are called for as well. The Crossroads ad touches on an important point, Obama lost over 40% of the Dem vote in the KY primary last year. Tying Judd to Obama is a smart move.

There are plenty of smart folks on the left who are pushing for a more moderate candidate. IMO, playing all the cards against Judd could spook enough enough people to insure a moderate candidate gets the nomination. OTOH, this is a page out of Claire McCaskill’s playbook running ads that come across as attacks while they fire up progressives in KY to make sure they deliver the preferred candidate for the general election. Call me crazy but I am not convinced the GOP is overly adept as the Dems seem to be at picking preferred candidates.

1. A competent Republican campaign would win easily, but never underestimate the Stupid Party’s ability to find a way to lose.

2. Judd’s candidacy seems quixotic, but such efforts might pay off for Kentucky Democrats in a decade or few. Hopefully Romney’s idiotic 47% remark does not represent—or no longer represents—the thinking of GOP strategists.

(CORE) VETTE Summer!

Vette, vette vette these candidates people! Take them VERY SERIOUSLY.

Go check out a plethora of information on how silly, deranged and loony Miss Ashley is over at

Ashley has a registered therapy dog she takes everywhere and cats, too. If you question her about her dog(s) she claims you are harassing the disabled.

So she’s either faking it to fly around with her dogs (and “winter in Scotland”) – or she really does have a psychological disturbance requiring therapy animals.

…. a perfect Dem candidate, eh?!


If by “take her seriously” you mean do what the GOP Establishment always does and start giving her credibility while the libs launch a 24/7 Alinksy ridicule bombardment on our TRULY patriotic candidate – I couldn’t disagree more.

I disagree with Rove on a lot – but getting out of the gate and driving up her negatives isn’t one of them. She can get money, media and the MSM will protect EVERY move she makes. The only way to even that playing field is to make her ridiculous (which she is) from the onset.

Ashley, Darlin’…Gifted actress and, as so many of that right-brained type: AIR in the brainstem for anything else.