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Ashley Judd not running for Senate — Dems left swoonless for 2014

Ashley Judd not running for Senate — Dems left swoonless for 2014


She’s been getting stranger by the day, including her claim that running against Mitch McConnell was like being raped.

Democrats were going to swoon over Judd, and try to turn her into the next Elizabeth Warren.

Who will they swoon around now, or are they swoonless?

Via Twitter:


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I think even she realized comedy was going to ensue if she ran.

Smartest thing she’s done in my recollection…


no Senator Chipmunk…


Score another for The Bone Collector, I mean Karl Rove.

Total knockout by American Crossroads.

Jay Leno is SO SAD.

    Neo in reply to walls. | March 27, 2013 at 6:49 pm

    I’m so sure that the paparazzi are happy not to have to share her with ordinary “mouth breathers”.

I suspect that someone in the national Democrat Party read her the riot act. With her bizarre “opposition = rape” remark she was shaping up to be the Democrats’ version of Todd Akin. Call me an optimist, but not even the most swooning media coverage could have dragged her across the finish line.

And in Kentucky, the voters still insist on the old fashioned notion that the candidate actually live in the state. Quaint, I know.

[…] Update: Judd has officially announced her (lack of) intentions through a series of tweets. […]

Her off the wall comments would probably not have hurt her campaign. Democrat voters have become more off the wall themselves. Instead of disqualifying her they would nod in agreement. William Bennett asked “where’s the outrage?” in 1998. That was the warning sign that Democrats really don’t care how screwy their candidates are.

SoCA Conservative Mom | March 27, 2013 at 7:08 pm

Democratically elected Republican is sitting in the senatorial seat, “we must return it to whom it rightfully belongs…” Democrat dies while in office, “it’s the Kennedy seat.” Hmm.

Dang. She’d have lost for sure, but she’d have looked good doing it.

Henry Hawkins | March 27, 2013 at 8:12 pm

There are plenty of folks from Kentucky to fill the Democrat swoon gap. Pick one:

George Clooney
Tom Cruise
Loretta Lynn
Diane Sawyer
Larry Flynt
Helen Thomas
Ricky Skaggs
Johnny Depp
Carol Bra… er, Florence Henderson
Lee Majors-Fawcett
Chuck Woolery
Billy Ray Cyrus
Michael or Darryl Waltrip
Crystal Gayle
Telma Hopkins
Tom T. Hall

And if Ashley Judd won’t run, what’s wrong with Naomi or Wynona?

There’s a whole lot o’ blogger fodder on that list, should one of ’em run in 2014.

Translated…couldn’t find the money. The typical Dem moneybags figured she’s a loser from the gate, no dough. Thankfully.

The Democrats probably realized there is one female lunatic too many in the Senate.

[…] a series of tweets, Ashley Judd has recognized that she would be an inappropriate candidate for the United States […]

Quitter. A little pressure and she’s outta there.

Now if we can only get Mitch McConnell to bow out of the race as well!

Another low information Senator prospect made for low information voters – I can understand why the Left would feel a little swoonless but not completely swoonless. They still have Al Franken.

Damn, I had a “front row seat”. What am I going to do with all the popcorn I stocked?:)

This is the first solid evidence I have seen that we queuing up an excellent midterm election. There have been many positive signs, but this is something more I think.

I R A Darth Aggie | March 28, 2013 at 12:23 pm

Ace of Spades hardest hit.

She gave her political exit speech on Twitter — 140 text characters at a time.

She even gave a big ‘Thank you!’ at the end as if she was actually standing at a microphone up on the dais before a vast crowd of smitten, hardworking campaign supporters devastated and crushed by her acquiescence to that tiny modicum of commonsense which briefly reared its ugly head within that chihuahua sized spastic, quivering mass of grey matter she calls ‘brain’.

Well — Bless her little heart

[…] I read with a raised eyebrow comments on Professor Jacobson’s report that Ashley Judd is no longer considering a run for the  US Senate. […]