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“Zero Tolerance For Drones”

“Zero Tolerance For Drones”

I wonder why the owner doesn’t have that bumper sticker? Oh, right.

From Max in

At least they have a flag in the back window

That’s saying something, for Manhattan.

Bumper Sticker - Manhattan - Bug Zero Tolerance

Bumper Sticker - Manhattan - Bug Front

Bumper Sticker - Manhattan - Bug Back


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The pope has offered us resignation. How long before Vanderbilt and other American universities demand that a non-Catholic be considered for the post … in the interests of inclusion, of course?

I am ashamed to drive a VW if people with those bumperstickers think they have Fahrvergnuegen!

No Tolerance for meatheads!

They desecrate the flag by putting it on a car with all of those leftist stickers.

I liked the ones above/below the VW symbol:
“Obama Biden”

“There’s No Excuse”

Hey! There’s the “other” Kucinich voter!! I had already one here where I live.