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Woodward’s greatest sin was practicing real journalism in the age of Obama

Woodward’s greatest sin was practicing real journalism in the age of Obama

Long before Bob Woodward mentioned even a word about the “you will regret” email, the media was rising up in a frenzy to preserve Obama’s campaign narrative that the sequester was forced on Obama and that it always included more taxes.

Bob Woodward almost single-handedly took down that narrative through his original reporting, as Brit Hume noted, to which I responded:

From the moment of his reporting, Woodward has been attacked by “journalists” who never performed an act journalism in their lives and rose to fame because of the sharpness of their snark.

It’s all reminiscent of how the media reacted as a mob in the days immediately after Benghazi, when collectively they made Mitt Romney’s statement about Benghazi their sole focus, while caring not a lick about the underlying fabrications emanating from the administration, as I noted at the time, Dead Ambassador dragged through streets, MSM furious at Romney criticism of Obama.

It was “get Romney” to the extent of colluding to make sure gotcha questions were asked relentlessly at Romney’s press conference.

The attacks on Woodward are much the same. Attack the messenger and nitpick what “you will regret” means to stifle his message that Obama has told two whoppers about the sequester.


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You don’t talk bad about The Obama!

Glad Woodward came forward w/ the ugliness of Obama’s reign, but as many observers do, he didn’t go far enough in understanding the Obama Way. If he had read Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” he might understand that, combining Machiavellianism-on-steroids with Chicago gangster tactics yields the present method of ruling by Obama: The Thugocracy.

I’m not overreaching when I say this: if you read Alinsky — and about his career/book, you find that he really did hang w/ Al Capone and his enforcers in 1920s Chicago. Obama’s inner circle of advisors is truly made up of Chicago-style gangsters in Marxist clothing. I am from Chicago–I now live in the Conservative South–so believe me: Thugocracy is the Obama reality.

    Midwest Rhino in reply to dunkmeister. | February 28, 2013 at 3:35 pm

    The Chicago Machine is certainly capable of knee capping and slashing tires, or prosecuting business for supporting the “wrong” candidate. (e.g. Boeing, Gibson Guitar)

    Woodward has been attacked in other ways … perhaps the talking points that go only to the inner sanctum of the hard left, had marching orders tocoordinate an attack on Woodward’s character, age, loyalty, etc.

    Whatever pressures they use, the hint of Chicago thuggery can be intimidating, even to justices or wealthy people, I would imagine.

weren’t romneys initial statements actually about cairo being over run and that got morphed (by the press) into benghazi stuff?
the media has been carrying obamas water for so long the bucket rusted out and they are trying to find and plug all the holes.

So far, we have at least 3 lefties who have gone on record either questioning the necessity of BHO’s sequester austerity, or blowing the whistle on WH bullying: Bob Woodward, Lanny Davis, and David Gergen. Since 2008, the left has gotten exactly what it has wanted politically, and part of the left’s successful strategy has been “blame Bush”. Now that BHO has been re-elected, what else does the left have to look forward to? Clearly, it is the 2016 general election (the 2014 House elections are small potatoes in comparison, at least to the king makers).

In 2016, the left wants Hillary! to occupy the oval office. Woodward, Gergen, and Davis are all Clinton supporters. They know that “blame Bush” worked for BHO in 2008 (and 2012). So…

Are we seeing the repeat of a successful strategy intended to get Hillary! elected? Are her supporters employing a “blame BHO” approach? We know that Hillary! hates all things BHO, and would not be at all averse to an intra-party blamefest if it improved her chances.

Just my conspiracy theory for the day.

As I mentioned earlier, I think Woodward is attacking Obama by design. He is likely working on a new book, and is, effectively, shaking the DC tree to see if some more ‘scoop’ will fall out. His present comments are also good for sales of his most recent book — another motive.

Sure, there is some practicing of journalism, but I would not go too far with that.

I do think, also, that he does not care for the bullying/propaganda, and is one of the few MSM reporters with sufficient stature to stand up to team BO. Kind of how Alan Derschowitz is too left law profs. (he too took a stand recently)

    george in reply to george. | February 28, 2013 at 2:34 pm

    recall Dershowitz’s remark about being attacked for defending Isael:

    Whenever I speak in support of Israel or in criticism of its enemies, the dogs of defamation are unleashed against me. The attacks, all from the hard left, seemed coordinated, focusing on common ad hominem themes. They accuse me of being a plagiarist, a supporter of torture, a rightwing “Zio-fascist”, a hypocrite, an opponent of the two-state solution and a supporter of Israel’s settlement policies. All these allegations are demonstrably false, but this does not seem to matter to those whose job it is to try to discredit me….

    Why, then, is there such a concerted effort to attack me personally and to question my integrity every time I speak about Israel?

    It has little to do with me, because my attackers know that I can fight back and that my academic standing will not in any way be influenced by their attacks. The attacks are directed at young academics, without tenure who would dare to speak up on behalf of Israel.

    The message is clear: if you support Israel, we will attack you like we attack Dershowitz, but you will be hurt much more that Dershowitz would. We will damage your reputation, hurt your student evaluations and decrease your chances for tenure.

What’s the matter with you people? Haven’t you heard? The sequester deadline is tomorrow, meaning midnight tonight, and you folks are playing on the internet like it’s just another Thursday! All HELL is gonna break loose – the President Hisself said so, and by ‘president’ I mean the dadgum President of the United States, where no man would dare lower debase the office by lying while occupying it, so you know His warnings are true!

Starting tomorrow, because of horrible, drastic, monumental, unprecedented, evil GOP funding cuts:

Satellites will fall from the sky like bombs, killing mostly innocent children. And puppies. Puppies will die! PUPPIES.

You’ll pay $5,000 for a shot of penicillin or you’ll do without. You younger fellers think about that.

Random citizens will be forced at gunpoint to collect garbage, write parking tickets, and perform other routine government duties. They will also form the necessary firing squads listed elsewhere.

Elderly federal employees with a record of voting GOP will be hauled out of their offices, lined up, and shot.

The internet will collapse, crushing and killing millions in the US and billions worldwide under its weight. The US will be blamed.

Dogs and cats sleeping together, having you-know-what. I have video on this but ought not post it here.

Capital letters and paragraphs will be banned from all internet content – not enough funding. Photos too. No more colored ink either – everything black and white.

There is much, much more, but it’s too terrifying to list. SO…. get your hard hats on, lock & load, and prepare for SEQUESTAGEDDON!

President Obama’s budget will probably be released in March, White House press secretary Jay Carney said Thursday, but has been delayed in part by “manufactured crises” including sequestration.

“The series of manufactured crises around budget issues, certainly has resulted at least in part in those experts in the administration who work on those issues having to spend a lot of time dealing with those crises rather than on that,” Carney said during his daily briefing. “But that’s part of the job and they’re working on the budget.”

31 USC § 1105 – Budget contents and submission to Congress
(a) On or after the first Monday in January but not later than the first Monday in February of each year, the President shall submit a budget of the United States Government for the following fiscal year. Each budget shall include a budget message and summary and supporting information.

If they weren’t so busy sending e-mails to reporters threatening them, perhaps we could get a budget, as required by law.

The kid gloves are off.

TrooperJohnSmith | February 28, 2013 at 4:16 pm

At some point, we must hope that the Media will wear out its knee-pads and discover its gag-reflex! That will require “journalists” to start thinking and acting like journalists, again.

The younger crop does not recognize the term ‘journalist’ and sees themselves as media personalities.

casualobserver | February 28, 2013 at 6:03 pm

I’m paraphrasing something I read earlier, but it essentially read like this: “If you see a word battle between a pol and a journalist and you immediately take the side of the pol, then you aren’t a journalist.”

[…] How can Barack continue to Doomsday Sequester Prepper while Watergate Bob keeps, um, dumping the tru… That’s why Big Media had to dump their idol Watergate Bob for the new golden calf made of tin. Barack’s Doomsday Sequester narrative endangered by Watergate Bob – so Watergate Bob had to be destroyed. […]

Amazing. Unbelievable.

Woodward not only didn’t have a scoop about Obama being the one who forced the sequester policy, it should have been common knowledge. It’s been widely reported that Boehner, Reid, and Obama has struck the “Grand Bargain” in 2011 over the debt ceiling, the bills were being drafted, when suddenly Obama insisted on another huge tax increase on top of what had been agreed. This was nowhere disputed.

That anyone can seriously argue otherwise is baffling. Well, except for Ezra Klein, founder of the original Journolist, whose entire focus is propaganda for the left and to whom the truth is a stranger to be abused and ignored.

BannedbytheGuardian | February 28, 2013 at 7:44 pm

Does anyone remember in the debate when Romney brought up the Sequester & Obama swivelled llightening fast & barked – That WILL NOT happen .

I can understand Romney not being able to retort because it was theoretical but Obama was not asked to explain why by the moderator.

I do believe Romney ‘ s prep was tunnel visioned without being prepared for gorilla tactics . He & his advisers trusted the tunnel . Tunnel agoraphobia exists for good reason.

I see autocorrect has given me the other gorilla but I like it. They are charming beasts if they like you – otherwise you are shredded .

    I do remember Obama saying “That will not happen” and I was skeptical. I knew he said that so that voters whose jobs might be in jeopardy would vote for him trusting that “He” would never let that happen. Those voters were suckers.

This is way fun. Also the growing (but by no means universal) falling away of the psychic euphoria in Obama supporters.

On the other hand, every time I think this, my next thought is dismay that he was reelected, and then I have to stop myself from ruminating over the election, Romney, etc.

It’s so easy for the formerly guilty or just ignorant to see the light, change their positions, confess or apologize after the fact, almost always when it’s just too late. Four More Years..

That’s the Chicago Way.

The MSM is the O’s constituency. They don’t fan his Grand Self for nothin’! Don’t buy the papers or click on the sites. Toss out the TV. Let them just dry up.

[…] attack Woodward. Woodward feels the wrath that befalls those who dare to criticize the President or even just practice journalism simply by repeating what he said. The “juicebox mafia,” Obama’s shock troops in […]