Long before Bob Woodward mentioned even a word about the “you will regret” email, the media was rising up in a frenzy to preserve Obama’s campaign narrative that the sequester was forced on Obama and that it always included more taxes.

Bob Woodward almost single-handedly took down that narrative through his original reporting, as Brit Hume noted, to which I responded:

From the moment of his reporting, Woodward has been attacked by “journalists” who never performed an act journalism in their lives and rose to fame because of the sharpness of their snark.

It’s all reminiscent of how the media reacted as a mob in the days immediately after Benghazi, when collectively they made Mitt Romney’s statement about Benghazi their sole focus, while caring not a lick about the underlying fabrications emanating from the administration, as I noted at the time, Dead Ambassador dragged through streets, MSM furious at Romney criticism of Obama.

It was “get Romney” to the extent of colluding to make sure gotcha questions were asked relentlessly at Romney’s press conference.

The attacks on Woodward are much the same. Attack the messenger and nitpick what “you will regret” means to stifle his message that Obama has told two whoppers about the sequester.