It has nothing to do with whether you support a woman’s “right” to choose.  One can support or not oppose that “right” and still appreciate the gravity of the decision, and understand that a child never was born.

At what point in the development of the nation did we go so wrong that it became hip at a place like Jezebel to laugh about and celebrate abortion?

What’s the Best Age to Have an Abortion?

One of the perks (well, side effects) of writing publicly and frequently about how women should be able to control what happens inside their own skin is that every time a friend gets knocked up and wants to end her pregnancy, she ends up confiding in me, a person she knows will not tell her she’s going to hell for choosing abortion. “You’re going to hell for other things,” I’ll say, to make her feel better. “Like the time you peed in that litterbox at a party because the line for the bathroom was too long. Also your engagement ring is made of a conflict diamond.”

Jezebel - Best time to abort

Jezebel is part of Gawker Media, which as we know is more acceptable than conservative talk radio for advertisers.

When I read an article like that at Jezebel, I wonder if we are so far gone it’s too late.


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