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When they say “keep your laws off my body!”

When they say “keep your laws off my body!”

… what they really mean is “Put Your Laws All Over My Body” except as to abortion.

From Linda in Tennessee:

Bumper Sticker - Nasheville TN - Hands Off


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Considering the “mind your own uterus” and “Don’t Litter—Neuter or Spay” bumper stickers maybe she should have taken her own advise.

Yes, they want us to have absolutely nothing to do with their sexual choices — except footing the bill for them, that is.

I’ll keep my hands off her uterus when she keeps her hands off my wallet.

Don’t you love how they love to legislate other peoples lives, i.e. Don’t drink large sodas, don’t own an AR-15, mandate buying health insurance. And yet, when it comes to legislating an innocent babies right to life (in circumstances where it is the mother’s choice to have sex, not rape), they are all, “You can’t touch my body. I have a right to do with my body as I please, even if it means a dependant, innocent life must pay the circumstances in blood.”

It truly is a deep narcissism that allows people to reconcile that world view. I pray for them to wake up and realize what horrors they are committing.

    casualobserver in reply to Paul. | February 9, 2013 at 9:36 am

    It’s even more inconsistent and ironic to me. Somehow many are able to rationalize regulating your body all the way up to banning what you put in it, and now we hear the idea of taxing or somehow charging you for your weight (excess). Restricting certain speech is becoming popular but thankfully only proposed. It’s far from linear thinking, but somehow it’s rationalized that aborting a fetus is an ‘absolute’ body right, or right ‘granted’ to a person. Not eating. Not all speaking. Just aborting. All circumstances included. Health? Check. Inconvenience? Check. Not ready? Check.

    Bizarre and irrational to many.

casualobserver | February 9, 2013 at 9:23 am

It’s not related to abortion, but over the past year I’ve seen more of this sticker popping up in the Northeast:

“Don’t Pray In My School And I Won’t Think In Your Church”

Notice the “my” and “your” use.

    I’ve seen more of those as well. I’ve been tempted more often to ask those idiots what gives them the idea that public schools belong solely to “them”. Then again since the schools belong to “them” they are solely responsible for the failure and I see absolutely no reason why my tax dollars should continue to fund their failure.

    BannedbytheGuardian in reply to casualobserver. | February 9, 2013 at 4:53 pm

    Ha you missed it.

    ‘Gawd please help me pass this test’.

    Not much thinkingthough.

“Neuter or spay?” That would be redundant, at least for females. Are these people that incapable of grasping English?

The bar code tattoos, the unstitched scars and the unwashed groping hands of Obamacare will soon be all over your body.

I swear these people are effin morons. Keep our laws off their bodies, but keep our money on their bodies. Don’t tell them what to donor with whom to doing, just shut up and pay for the contraceptives so what they do won’t have consequences, or just shut up and pay for the abortions to get rid of the consequences.

Somebody ought to tell these dolts that federal largesse, which comes directly from the taxpayer’s pockets, does come with strings. We pay for the contraceptives and abortions, damn straight we should have a say in how you live your miserable lives. Stupid bastards.

TrooperJohnSmith | February 9, 2013 at 12:04 pm

All joking aside, I’m going to paper up at least one of my vehicles with all these Lefty bumper stickers.

Why? It will be my escape capsule, in the event I run afoul of the Dear Leader. What with all this talk of drone strikes, I see these bumper stickers as the ultimate form of urban camouflage. I mean, as they zoom in with the eye-in-the-sky, and they are opening the switch cover on the predator’s ‘fire’ button, someone in the control seat will say, “Abort attack! Abort attack! It’s one of ours!”

And I will escape to the Great Western Redoubt…

Paranoia or prophecy? Only time will tell.

I wonder how these clowns would respond if “we” told them that forbidding abortion-on-demand is worth it, “if it will save just one life.”

What happens in my uterus, stays in my uterus… until a scalpel and vacuum are used to torture, murder, and remove IT.

Who cries for the boys and girls without names?

It is in society’s interest to defend the lives of its members, especially when they literally have no voice to protest and no arms to defend against their premature termination. Women do not have a legal or moral right to elective abortion of the developing human life in their womb.

The only legitimate argument is whether we should use the criterion of biological or conscious conception to recognize the value of a human life and enforce its unalienable right to life. There is no defensible argument to support elective abortion for the selective and capricious reasons of preserving a woman’s wealth and welfare. The only choice is to accept responsibility for your actions.

    BannedbytheGuardian in reply to n.n. | February 9, 2013 at 5:11 pm

    On the contrary NN – the more of their kind they abort – the better. I really can’t care how many . I knew someone that had 9 abortions & she was an absolute criminal in all other facets .

    The best reply is – no care – coz you are a shit .

    This is why you are losing. You guys show care & they throw it back in your face & taunt you more.

    But besides the hard core as mentioned above , many women & girls are actually asking us all to care. Otherwise they would be silent .

    Again – throw it back – don’t care.

      Frankly, I’m not sure why I should care. In fact, I recognize that every new human life will be a competing interest. And yet, I do care. For some reason, which can only be explained as an article of faith, I do care.

      Well, that, and the fact that progressive corruption, including general devaluation of human life, is likely to affect me and my family within the period of our own mortal existence. I do not want our civilization to experience moral degradation, where a human life can suffer involuntary exploitation and termination at will.

      Perhaps it’s just my survival instinct which guides me to the conclusion that a selective regard for human life is effectively a capricious disregard for human life… when you are eventually deemed undesirable or inconvenient.

      Also, consider that they have experienced varying degrees of success to substitute indoctrination for evolutionary fitness.

Indeed, “My reproductive choices are none of your business, but I expect you to pay for my birth control and abortions.”

You would think abortion enthusiasts would be the biggest opponents of government-run health care. Do they think that is the one area government will respect as sacrosanct? Can they really not imagine a future government (with complete authority over dispensation of health care, as they would have it) that decides, for example, that birth rates need to be boosted, and said government banning birth control and abortions?