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Time is on our side. Wait, what?

Time is on our side. Wait, what?

Mediaite has great videos, but there’s little reason to read it other than Noah Rothman, who once again makes a good point that time is running out on Obama to do maximum damage achieve his policy goals Most Pundits Miss The GOP’s Biggest Advantage: Time (h/t Hot Air):

The White House knows it. Congressional Republicans sure know it. Both are vocal about this reality, but the pundit class has not yet caught on. The passing trivialities that dominate the 24-hour news cycle, which seem so imperative in the moment but fade in relevance with predictable alacrity, blur longer-term trends. Some in the pundit class, however, are beginning to catch on. They take history into account and conclude, perhaps reluctantly, that Congressional Republicans have a hand in their ongoing political battles with President Barack Obama. The president, as he has said repeatedly for anyone who cares to listen, is running out of time. Time is, in fact, on the GOP’s side.

“I’d like to get as much stuff done as quickly as possible,” President Obama told a local San Francisco news station reporter on Wednesday.  “Even though I’m just starting my second term, I know that, you know, once we get through this year, then people start looking at the midterms, and after that, they start thinking about presidential elections.” …

Obama’s endless hectoring of the electorate, lobbying for a cornucopia of progressive dream programs that will never come to pass, masks his own fear that the more narrow goals he hopes to achieve before the spring/summer of 2014 may be unattainable. He rallies the troops to keep the pressure on Congress, but Congress can afford not to listen.

Time is not on the president’s side, as Obama himself has made clear on numerous occasions. Even if the press has not been listening, the GOP has.

Yes most pundits have missed that bit of sunshine rising over the horizon after this long nightmare.

Stall.  Hold the ball.  Delay.

I feel better already.


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His Infantile Majesty agitates, blathers, golfs, raises money and agitates some more. What’s missing..? Duuhhhh… Leadership. Hard trudging WORK. Ya know, like a whole f***ing week of all-day-long WORK in the Oval Office.

That this Punk does what he does and isn’t slapped s***less for it is utterly stunning.

Mickey Kaus makes the same point, plus another…

when Obama wins on something, it isn’t “game over”. There is a build-up of resentment effect on the one hand, and a fatigue effect on the Deemocrats.

ANOTHER factor here is that Obama has been in office long enough for his policies to be taking effect, and people are increasingly NOT going to like what they see.

FINALLY, I think in this sequester “crisis” Obama has badly overplayed his hand. That seems hard for him to avoid doing.

And, yes, people are getting tired of the “government by Freakout”, as Noonan put it.

I just hope Boehner and McConnell turn out to be smarter than I am expecting.

The whole gun control thing has been heavily time-dependent; using the emotional backwash from Newtown to slingshot legislation through before reason, logic and the NRA got fired up.

However, reactionary momentum against the gun controllers is gaining steam; states are finding their hind legs and starting to stand on them; and as it looks at this point, the Left’s continuing overreach (I pray they keep it up!) on the 2nd amendment may perhaps play a key role in the 2014 elections.

    jdkchem in reply to gwest. | February 24, 2013 at 11:41 pm

    They’re either finding their hind legs or in the case of CO where Magpul is threatening to pack up end leave taking jobs they’re doing a Michael Jackson moonwalk.

“Stall. Hold the ball. Delay.

I feel better already.”

So do I. Just think, in just 1414 days we’ll be rid of the disgrace sitting in the oval (offal?) office.

legalizehazing | February 24, 2013 at 7:08 pm

Pray with me for SCOTUS to last

I hope you’re right because this 5 year long progressive, media pep rally got tedious 10 years ago.

And please pay attention to what is going on in education even if your kids are in private school. I hear from more private school parents than public at the moment because they thought they had bought out of the nonsense.

If nothing changes the current trajectory on what is being foisted on K-12 and higher ed, you will have substantially transformed values, attitudes, and beliefs as the primary purpose of the classroom in most places by next school years. In many places it is already happening. In higher ed it is close to game over.

And the economic vision that goes with it centers on declaring a minimum right to a living income just because you were born. Anywhere in the world.

Education is the vehicle. CAGW is the excuse for the fundamental Transformation. Aim–dictating what people and resources are to do and go.

So he has diminishing power as the days go by but until his ed vision is accurately perceived for the infestation of Formosan termites that it is, they will be nibbling on the foundation and framing the whole time we are feeling better than his time is dwindling.

He knows how lasting these effects will be. He’s probably heard the CASEL programs talking about getting physical changes to the Prefrontal Cortex from daily social and emotional learning emphasis in the classroom.


    The GOP, while doing nothing to counter the defamation against it, will not be the party picking up the pieces of the Obama catastrophe, because as Robin says, the stage is set for a different Obama. In other words, ‘Obama was bad, but ANY Republican would be worse.’

    The likes of John Boehner think they can sit back and watch Obama self-destruct, then move in to fill the void. That is anything but reality. If anything, the likes of Candycow Crowley will work overtime to indoctrinate the low info voter that the GOP was Obama’s partner in failiure. Considering the GOP is doing NOTHING to counter that now, Candycow will succeed.

I don’t agree with this premise. Once again, as in many critiques of Obama or even political commentary today, it misses the incredibly unique or pseudomorphic nature of this man and administration and instead uses a conventional and historical model of politics to judge him.

Obama is ahead of schedule as it relates to his goals. Obamacare, the stimulus, the expansion of the regulatory state (and of the state itself), the mideast meltdowns. His was an extraordinary first term not only in its discrete accomplishments but in the changes to our government and our relationship to it, and to how America is seen in the world. I would also say that the progress he’s made in just a few short months to vitiate the 2nd Amendment is pretty extraordinary.

In addition, Obama does not intend to use the conventional, that is to say Constitutional, means of operating a presidency in this term. When we talk about second terms and presidential goals we are using a context of passing legislation. This is part of Obama’s plan, but an increasingly smaller part. Obama intends simply to do what he wishes to do through the vast powers of the presidency irrespective of congress. This is where his alliance with the media will pay huge dividends, even more so than in his first term.

Also, when we talk about what is on “the GOP’s side” we are speaking in a kind of unreal language. How can that which doesn’t really exist as a definitive form anymore in relation to other forms have a “side.”

Time will pass, but Obama is not competing with it, really. He has plenty of time to finish what he started.

See this, on, re Ted Cruz:

Republicans worry about whether the Cuban-American lawmaker, whose father was tortured in Castro’s Cuba, went too far by challenging Hagel’s integrity and if he will spoil their efforts to reach out more to Hispanic voters.
Read more:

The trick is to elbow these idiots out of the way — sharply, and in the eye, if we have to.

Does everybody remember when Boehner had the opportunity to defund NPR?

NPR host is Occupy DC spokeswoman

I want to feel better too, but I’m skeptical. The prevent defense seldom works. It takes a plan to beat a plan, a principle to beat a principle, an argument to beat an argument, an offense to defeat an offensive.

This is where the GOP needs a punishing ground game.

As Keynes once said – In the long run we’ll all be dead.

The thought that Obama won’t be president forever is small comfort for me. He can do plenty of damage in the next four years, and that’s assuming he decideds to step down in 2016. I know the constitution prohibits a third term, but how often has that stopped the great pretender in the past?

It is also the right time to prepare the ground for 2014. Develop your plan to support organizations and candidates in the crucial 2014 midterms. Donate money and time starting now. There is every possibility of a repeat of 2010.

The office holders who won in 2010 and 2012 and earned your support will need it again. Be prepared for the primary battles between true conservatives and libertarians vs. the RINOs. Support the NRA and the NRA-ILA in their constitutional fight, they play offense and defense with the best of them.

If a state like Wisconsin can be turned around then success or failure from the local to the national is up to us. No one will do the hard work for us.