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The vast right left-wing conspiracy

The vast right left-wing conspiracy

For all the trees that have been killed and pixels burned by the mainstream media  complaining about the Koch brothers and the vast right-wing conspiracy, the bad news is that the vast left-wing conspiracy is much more effective.

Diarest LaborUnionReport at RedState reports on the vast left-wing conspiracy in North Carolina, Blueprint NC: How A Shadowy Left-Wing Hydra Plans A Targeted Attack On NC Republicans:

On Thursday, the Charlotte Observer ran a story about a leaked confidential memo released by a below-the-radar shadow group called Blueprint NC. The confidential memo revealed a left-wing plan to attack North Carolina’s governor and other conservative leaders.

According to the Observer’s piece, the confidential memo was from Bluepint NC’s Communications Coordinator Stephanie Bass and addressed to its “partner groups.”

As part of a two-year plan to “Eviscerate, Mitigate, Litigate, Cogitate, and Agitate,” the memo outlines a strategy to target Republican Governor Pat McRory and other conservative leaders:

  • “Crippl(e) their leaders (McCrory, Tillis, Berger etc.)”
  • “Eviscerate the leadership and weaken their ability to govern.”
  • “Pressure McCrory at every public event.”
  • “Slam him when he contradicts his promises.”
  • “Private investigators and investigative reporting, especially in the executive branch…”



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Insufficiently Sensitive | February 23, 2013 at 11:53 am

What is missing from that tangled graphic are the names of all the MSM organs whose labors will propagate every word of that skulduggery – and make it appear to be the daily ‘news’.

These are the actions of a party with no ideas.

    Browndog in reply to gasper. | February 23, 2013 at 1:04 pm

    You vastly underestimate them.

      gasper in reply to Browndog. | February 23, 2013 at 1:43 pm

      I didn’t say it would be ineffective. However, this party only attacks and never offers anything of value. Look at their leader – this is where they get their marching orders. Still, in the end, no ideas for governing. Only for destroying.

        Browndog in reply to gasper. | February 23, 2013 at 1:54 pm

        Only for destroying.

        To what end?

          gasper in reply to Browndog. | February 23, 2013 at 2:01 pm

          Perhaps you need to read the article again.

          Browndog in reply to Browndog. | February 23, 2013 at 2:20 pm

          I’m trying to get you, anyone, to think beyond the X’s and O’s.

          FWIW- My reading comprehension is more than sufficient.

          gasper in reply to Browndog. | February 23, 2013 at 2:33 pm

          My thinking is just fine. Read my first comment and think (really think) whether it warranted the response you gave. You assumed a lot from that one statement, and assumed a lot more from the second. And you still want me to explain what I wrote, yet tell me your reading comprehension is fine.

          Browndog in reply to Browndog. | February 23, 2013 at 3:01 pm

          I am in no way trying to start an argument, or trying to demean you.

          Your initial comment was:

          These are the actions of a party with no ideas.

          No ideas? Really?

          They have gone far beyond ideas. That statement is dismissive, and arrogant.

          Did you notice all those little boxes in the graph? Have you researched them, to see what they are, and how they’re inter-connected? If you did, you would see this is hardly unique to SC.

          Google “who wrote the healthcare Bill” and follow the yellow brick road. You’ll find all those same boxes, under different but similar names–on a national level, renamed at the State level.

          You’ll find out that “they” do in fact have “ideas” that have come to fruition, and have changed the course and identity of this Nation. Maybe forever.

          NavyMustang in reply to Browndog. | February 24, 2013 at 11:21 am

          gasper is right. They don’t have ideas. As is clear in the graphics, they have techniques to destroy their adversaries. To what end? That should be obvious. To make it so they are the only ones standing on the field with no opponents to stop them. With those bad, bad conservatives out of the way they can then do whatever harebrained, half-baked “idea” crosses their minds. Case in point: Big Daddy Bloomberg.

The answer to this is simple: counter attack. But we on the right have allowed the GOP to rot into a corrupt mass of self-interest, with little motivation to act on anything. The pathetic cast of weakling characters that were absurdly cast in GOP leadership roles have joined the ‘ruling class.’

    Spiny Norman in reply to | February 23, 2013 at 12:17 pm

    Oh, the GOP as it exists today is no accident.

    Key quote: …Codevilla explained that much of the Republican party has become wannabee Democrat and therefore supine. They want the Democrat spoils also without bothering themselves with the distasteful mental contortions of the Democrat ideology…

    “In sum, the closer one gets to the Republican Party’s voters, the more the Party looks like Goldwater and Reagan. The closer one gets to its top, the more it looks like the ghost of Rockefeller. Consider 2012: the party chose for President someone preferred by only one fourth of its voters – Mitt Romney, whose first youthful venture in politics had been to take part in the political blackballing of Barry Goldwater.”

    How does one dislodge barnacles?

      Ragspierre in reply to Spiny Norman. | February 23, 2013 at 12:54 pm

      And Ronald Reagan was a FDR New Dealer.

      Milton Friedman was the author of income tax paycheck withholding, working in the New Deal.

      People learn.

        Spiny Norman in reply to Ragspierre. | February 23, 2013 at 1:55 pm

        In Mittens’ case, just in time to run for President? His conversion was less than convincing for a great many Reagan conservatives. Yes, he would have been superior to the Teleprompter Jesus, but he’s still a “government is the answer” politician, and did not inspire enthusiasm in the rank-and-file GOP voter. “I’m not the Democrat” is simply not enough. That strategy didn’t work for McCain, either.

          Ragspierre in reply to Spiny Norman. | February 23, 2013 at 2:27 pm

          We think rather often in terms of the “low information voter” existing on the left primarily.

          If you think Romney’s campaign was “I’m not the Democrat”…well. People can read his positions, and they were decidedly federalist (in very good ways). That is objective reality. So was his selection of Ryan.

          As to “inspiring”; if that is what is required to get “conservatives” off their butts in the face of the existential threat of Obama, the Collectivists should have won.

          I am reminded of something Bill Whittle referred to…

          of the people who identified as conservatives who were NOT registered to vote, the leading reason they gave was to avoid jury service.

          That is not a failing in Romney or Ryan. Is it?

          And, while the Romney campaign can certainly be criticized on many sound bases, it is simply stupid to compare his positions with McAnus…or even the two campaigns.

          Spiny Norman in reply to Spiny Norman. | February 23, 2013 at 10:44 pm

          If you think Romney was truly “federalist”, you are truly delusional, or just an Establishment tool. He made plenty of noises about Federalism, but only the inside-the-beltway Party Faithful™ bought into it. Romney is Northeast Establishment GOP to the core. Competent, sure, but a Rockefeller Republican without any doubt. Paul Ryan as Veep and his first debate performance were the only real highlights of the “Romney 2012” campaign. (Well, I have to say the Romneybus showing up at random Democrat campaign functions was hilarious.) I am quite certain his choice of Ryan had the same purpose as McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin: a sop to the conservative base.

          And other thing: what the hell kind of leash did the Romney campaign managers put on Ryan for his VP debate??? That was NOT the same Congressman Ryan who gave Barry an earful at the Health Care Summit.

          BTW, yes, I did, in fact, vote for Mitt Romney, and would do so again if the election were held today, despite my disapproval.

Rules for Radicals is the Progressive Bible. These are the cult of True Believers in action.

Just wanna throw in here that at ASU we have these paid clowns on campus constantly from “Environment Arizona” just like the one in the lower right corner of that graphic. Sometimes their students, sometimes adults, lots of times they seem like homeless looking for a buck. They try to get you to donate to Environment Arizona.

The left is a blood sucking pestilence

The GOP or the grassroots needs to play their game. Tell me we couldn’t dig something up on Cuomo or Bloomberg w/some of these ‘private investigators’ or investigative journalists? We have some awesome reporters on the right, time to use their tactic and target the governors and senators we need to expose. Menendez was exposed by the grassroots new media. It can be done! The dems feel they are immune to the laws-let’s see if the public agrees when they find out what goes on behind the scenes. If Jimmy Carters grandson helped BO win the election w/secret taping, we can do the same. SOMEONE has to have something on Pelosi, Reid, etc. Dig with the right shovel.

    johnnycab23513 in reply to Patriotmom. | February 23, 2013 at 2:27 pm

    The problem is that the more you dig up on a Democrat, the more votes they get. Couple that with the open voter fraud we saw in 2012, we do not have a chance. Voting machines all over the country recording all votes for Obama, turnouts of 140 per cent with 100 per cent of the votes for Obama, mentally ill old people trucked in with union members going into the voting booth with them, and the best we can come up with is finding one woman who might have voted six times. Time for serious things to occur.

    You don’t expect John Boehner, Cantor, McConnell or Rinse Prebus (whatever the @#$% his name is) to do it, do you?

    How’s this for a start: there is a pretty credible rumor that Andrew Cuomo paid a man $5,000 to take the NY bar exam for him. That man has gone on to making a fortune in investing.

    Here’s a start: try digging up people who remember seeing Cuomo at the bar.

All that’s missing are brown shirts for the operatives.


    They’re wearing purple (SEIU), working in the ‘news’ media, and/or are one of the new federal workers from departments that had never before been armed — and now armed with nearly 2 billion handgun rounds recently purchased by DHS — are teaching in our schools, and sometimes shooting-up schools or murdering other innocents and cops.

    The Brownshirts are here.

Chicago union bosses asked for the right to carry concealed weapons and ‘help’ police the streets. They are tipping their toes in the door to be the ‘enforcers’. This better not happen! This might be the ‘brown shirt’ civilian army ‘equally funded’ to the army according to dear leader’s wishes. Maybe that is where the govt stockpile of weapons would go?! How would we know? The GOP still didn’t get to the bottom of fast and furious!

    Ragspierre in reply to Patriotmom. | February 23, 2013 at 1:34 pm

    According to the recently upheld ruling by the Federal courts, and the acts of the Illinois legislators, Illinois citizens will enjoy a “must issue” right to carry concealed firearms.

    Why shouldn’t a bus driver enjoy that same right? Or do you think they, as a special class, should be made defenseless?

    I expect some of those drivers see more by way of preventable violent crime than do some of Chicago’s cops.

    Now, the really silly union demand is that they be paid the same as cops.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | February 23, 2013 at 1:31 pm

“Eviscerate, Mitigate, Litigate, Cogitate, and Agitate,”

The first thing I thought about when I read that was the comments of former Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold who said during one of the anti-Scott Walker rallies, “It’s not over until we win”.

How can it be any more clear that they are not interested in reaching across the aisle? They have no interest in cooperating with Republicans. Or compromising.

They want nothing less than total and complete destruction of the Republican Party and conservative values. Just like Obama and the MSM.

Anybody who does not beieve that is a fool. Or in the case of the Establishment Republicans, they understand it but they’d rather surrender to the corrupt liberty draining Democrat vision than fight against it so long as their own cronies get some of the crumbs.

    They want nothing less than total and complete destruction of the Republican Party and conservative values. Just like Obama and the MSM.

    Again, to what end?

    Or, as the question repeated during any instructive conversation with 3 yr. old: WHY?

      johnnycab23513 in reply to Browndog. | February 23, 2013 at 2:30 pm

      Because it is in their nature. It is what they do.

      Yujin in reply to Browndog. | February 23, 2013 at 3:51 pm

      To what end? Ameritopia.

      Fascists do what they do for control. Why control? Revenge, ego, wealth, etc. Remember, Obama packed his intimate circle with Communists (Van Jones, Valerie Jarrett) and Maoists (Anita Dunn) and other psychos (his czar list).

      Ask older Germans why otherwise normal people enabled Hitler. Ask the NY Times why it shilled for Stalin, knowing full well he had murdered tens of millions of his own people.

      The ‘why’ is one thing. The fact of their goal is another. You think ‘wiping out the GOP’ is an end? It’s just the beginning of tyranny.

NC tossed the Dems and elected a GOP controlled general assembly in 2010, adding GOP Governor McCrory in 2012. It’s the first time since about 1870 that the GOP held both. NC has been a Democrat Party cesspool for decades and decades, and just like DemLib-thick places like Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, etc., indictments and incarcerations of high level state officials are common, recently including indicted former NC Governor Mike Easley(D) and the incarceration of NC House Speaker Jim Black. Outgoing Governor Bev Perdue – she who famously wondered if we could just cancel the next election – decided against reelection in large part due to ongoing investigations of campaign violations from her successful 2008 run. There are dozens of lesser names and ranks.

But, the DemLibs are out of power in NC for the first time a loooong time and they are not happy, no sir, not happy at all. As the above article shows, all the usual suspects are organizing and planning their revenge, red-rimmed eyes focused on 2014, and they keep control of the state level MSM – the two biggest state newspaper are the Charlotte Observer and the Raleigh News & Observer (aka ‘News & Disturber’), owned by the same company and both deeply, gratingly liberal print and web bullhorns. Like anywhere else, the state is carpeted from the Blue Ridge to the Outer Banks in regional local affiliates for ABC, NBC, CBS, and each is a dutiful child to their liberal corporate parents in New York and Los Angeles.

The NC DemLibs, like elsewhere, own the universities here, with a few small exceptions. The blinding light of liberalism burns brightest at UNC-Chapel Hill (aka Berkeley With BBQ) and Duke University in Durham where the poor victim of the Duke lacrosse team now awaits trial on a murder charge, the worst of several charges she’s faced since. NC academe is up in arms and loaded for bear, coordinating with the community activists and media.

Tea Party groups in NC are casually consulting, with a statewide sort of convention in the works. The NC GOP is keenly aware of the blowback, which is growing to resemble the political warfare in Wisconsin during the recall defeat.

With sequestration’s defense cuts, growing concern about how returning vets are being treated, and the weariness of over a decade of wars, the military base heavy NC won’t like an Obama/Hagel gutting of the defense budget, nor the diminuation of its mission. From midstate Goldsboro eastward to LeJeune, every economic wheel is connected to NC military bases. In political spirit, eastern NC remains Jesse Helms country.

They’ve only just begun, the GOP assembly and GOP Governor, but if what is touted for action soon is accurate, things are going to change quick around here. Corporate tax cuts, offshore drilling, refusal on Obamacare Medicaid expansion, photo voter ID, and much else. We’ll see. But a good record over the next two years on this elected conservative agenda will lock the state up for the GOP for as long as they keep it going. Hell, if they just take the chains off business and commerce enough to stimulate hiring and lower the unempoyment rate, that’ll be enough for 2014. It’s stayed over 10% here on statewide average, but there are wide variances: only 5% in state government capital Raleigh, Wake County, but as high as 40% in some counties and 24% in my home county. Small towns are dying as the young chase jobs into the city.

The Dems here though… lol, it’s hilarious when you read opinion columns at the N&O or listen to commentary on cable, crap titled benignly like “NC Politics”, but it’s a panel of state level famed libs acting like MSNBC’s minor league team.

2014 in North Carolina is going to be freakin’ brutal. I can’t wait.

From Sean Kosofsky’s bio:

Sean Kosofsky is currently the Director of Blueprint North Carolina. He is the former Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice NC, and has been an active visible LGBT leader since 1994. He was the Director of Poliyc for 12 years for Michigan’s leading LGBT rights organization, Triangle Foundation.

Kosofsky was the most sought-after GLBT diversity trainer in Michigan for law enforcement professionals, but he also has extensive experience training social workers, school professionals, attorneys, business professionals and service providers. Kosofsky conducts trainings on critical activist skills including message development, media advocacy, lobbying, grassroots activism and youth/student advocacy.

Kosofsky joined the staff of Triangle Foundation in the fall of 1996. He has been responsible for a wide range of projects including the Anti-Violence Project and creating the first-ever statewide network of grassroots activists who monitored the media, communicated with policy makers and appeared as public speakers.

Kosofsky works at every level of public and private policy development in Michigan to advance pro-GLBT policies and defeat anti-GLBT legal and political attacks. He is responsible helping to produce most of Triangle’s issue papers, talking points and other policy materials.

His campaign work has ranged from running canvass operations, working with media professionals, fundraising, and training volunteer speakers. Kosofsky is a former board member of the Equality Federation, the largest GLBT lobbying and activist entity in the nation. As a board member and former co-chair of the Equality Federation he works to aggressively grow state and local GLBT activism in every U.S. State and territory.

Damn yankee…

    “Go into ‘policy,’ Sean,” said one of his malignant professors.

    Sean here is the poster boy for ‘ultimate useful idiot.’ His entire life has not only amounted to nothing but if he dropped dead today and was carted off to hell (hey, we can dream, can’t we) at this point we can say this clown has left the world a worse place than before he was born.

    “Good work, Sean,” say his handlers. “By the way, Sean, do you know ho to handle a gun? We’re gonna show you. Grab some rounds from that pile of 2 billion over there, and that target with the white pregnant woman no it. Wait — ‘Kosofsky?’ — you’re now a Jew, are you?”

The Professor’s post and Leslie’s indicate that this..

Alinsky’s tactics were based, not on Stalin’s revolutionary violence, but on the Neo-Marxist strategies of Antonio Gramsci, an Italian Communist. Relying on gradualism, infiltration and the dialectic process rather than a bloody revolution, Gramsci’s transformational Marxism was so subtle that few even noticed the deliberate changes“.

Is most definitely working and the Left has twice elected, the most perfect dummy to lead the “gradualism”.

John Roberts began, David Gregory finished. Green lighted for at least four more years folks. The subtly must be met head on, by any means.

casualobserver | February 23, 2013 at 3:28 pm

Is the difference between the two ‘wings’ of the grand conspiracy that one side gets much of its funding from us (taxpayers?)? It always seems that as you study the tentacles of most left-wing organizations, you find more and more public funding the further into the ‘matrix’ you dig.

I don’t know why anyone has any worries when we have John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell, and Rinse Prebus(?)as our bulwarks against tyranny.


I was following up on what is called distributed capitalism that is actually not capitalism at all as I continue to track the future economic system envisioned to go with the actual Common Core K-12 education implementation. It led me to something being called the 4th Sector-the “for benefit” sector where the economy exists to benefit the needs of the people.

Guess what was set up in late 2010 about time Dems lost control of NC legislature?

My guess is this will become a base to continue the idea that governments, higher ed, and big business should get to plan the economy there. Just a heads up.

lays out the Fourth Sector vision nationally. It sure does put that coalition into perspective.

Just look how well NC entities are represented in the Fourth Sector Concept Working Group. Goes back to 1998 originally. Kellogg Foundation funding and in PS with the Aspen Institute.

And I have Stuart Hart’s book calling for a new form of capitalism as well that should be called Corporatism in the name of Sustainability. He has now moved on to the professor’s neck of the woods.

I also find Public Allies inclusion interesting as they are involved with that Opportunity Culture ed initiative in Charlotte being funded by the Joyce, Gates, and Carnegie Foundations.

Also puts the systems thinking controversy that’s been going on in the Winston-Salem schools into context. This Fourth Sector initiative is definitely about creating a redesigned economic system.

This graphic is a flow chart of people subject to a monarchy. Here one can see the beginnings of mini-serfdoms over which intermediate bureaucrats will rule.

This scheme, of course, replaces individual liberty with fiefdom.

This scheme frustrates the hell out of people and fosters passing the buck Chicago-style.

We need organizations like this directed against every major public union.

Wonder if or how many are a 501(c)3 ?

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It gets tiresome after a while having others decide what’s best for you. Sort of like an ex-mother in law I once had….