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The gathering storm

The gathering storm

Tax Prof is out with the year-end 2012 Law Prof Traffic Rankings.

We continue to climb, but beware the gathering post-election blog traffic storm.  Think Sandy meets Snowzilla.

But for now, it’s blue skies.

(Keep in mind that these numbers are based on public Sitemeter readings, and since Instapundit would be in first place by a wide margin but doesn’t have a public Sitemeter, everyone needs to move down a notch.  Also, Volokh’s Sitemeter has stopped working — as has ours at College Insurrection — and Volokh would be in the Top 5.)

By Page Views

Tax Prof Blog Rankings 12-31-2012 Page Views

By Visits

Tax Prof Blog Rankings 12-31-2012 Visits


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ore than the volume you should be proud of, it’s the superb content. Alot of schlock websites get tons of hits, but few balance quality with quantity. You do. Kudos.


Can this enthusiasm be translated into influence?

I’d appreciate a standing table on the LI site by state and race of the candidates recommended by the Professor. I’d like to contribute even a small amount of $ where it might matter, especially if I thought maybe other LI readers were doing same.

that’s (M)ore….

Just so’s y’know, I don’t read those other sites. Just yours.

Congratulations, Professor! Not only are the two sites, College and Legal Insurrection, of high quality but well-tempered as well. As many will state, you’re a class act and a must read on a daily basis….keep up the good work–conservatives are counting on you.

Excellent. The plan for world domination progresses.

LI sets the standard, imho.

Professor, have you sent a thank you card to senator warren yet?

The Lizard drove traffic here in droves!

in fact, this site may be one of the few economic success stories with which warren has ever been associated!

I like these numbers, these upticks. These stats outperform the ones on Karl Rove’s grease board.

Um, when can we expect our bonus checks?

I think Professor Althouse beats you because she covers a comprehensive set of topics, ranging from the mundane to provocative. She is playing the numbers and increasing her hits. Perhaps you can add a gardening section to your website.

Just kidding. Both you, and Professor Althouse, add value to the conversation.

My God!

It’s not a blog … it’s a juggernaut!

Congratulations! It’s well deserved.