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The consequences of John Kerry

The consequences of John Kerry

Secretary of State John Kerry (go ahead, just try to type those words) is making his first overseas trip since confirmation as a member of the president’s cabinet—and as fourth, dear lord, in the line of succession.  Via Heritage:

Secretary of State John Kerry’s first overseas trip began by sending mixed signals before he even left U.S. soil—by not visiting key U.S. allies in Eastern Europe and Israel.

Kerry’s first foreign trip commenced on Sunday and began with a stop in the United Kingdom. He will also visit Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates. By choosing to eschew Israel and Eastern Europe, Kerry is sending the wrong signal to the international community.

But of course, Kerry is sending exactly the signal that he and his boss intend to send, just as Chuck Hagel remains steadfastly the man Obama most wants to carry out his vision of the Department of Defense.

Under the glass-houses/cast-the-first-stone theorem, it’s awkward for Secretary Kerry to raise the issue of human rights with countries from China on down.  All except for one.

The only country in the world that Obama knows won’t spit Kerry’s congressional testimony back in his face is a little democracy in the Mideast surrounded by totalitarian enemies that refuse to recognize its existence.

There’s nothing mixed about these signals.

UPDATE:  Chuck Hagel has just been confirmed.  This means that we have a secretary of defense who believes  Iran is legitimate but Israel isn’t; a secretary of state who once compared American soldiers to the Mongol hordes; a first lady who never felt proud of her country until her husband was about to become president; and a president whose stated goal is to fundamentally transform America.  Good times.


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Delay, delay, delay. Don’t let the other side move the ball, and don’t move it for them. Let our allies know that they do not need to deal with this administration. Lame duck Obama and his cronies as of RIGHT NOW.

    BannedbytheGuardian in reply to Same Same. | February 26, 2013 at 7:21 pm

    I am not sure it is that easy but everyone is getting better at it -allies & enemies alike. Just as there used to be USSR specialist secret groups meeting to decipher goings on – now there must be career opportunities for USA Watchers.

    Not to be confused with Weight Watchers.

Frankly, as a MA resident, I still gleeful that this bum is out of the Senate — never to return. I can survive 3 years of this man — truly the epitome of a pompous ass — being a clown on the world stage.

Funny thing is that he actually think he IS a statesman. He has no clue, and never did.

(if you are from MA and read this blog, you probably also love hearing Howie Carr rip on this fraud … ‘Oh, Lovie….’)

    casualobserver in reply to george. | February 26, 2013 at 4:39 pm

    I’ve haven’t come across a Howie Carr ‘rip’ I haven’t liked yet. Sometimes he gets a little repetitive, but he surely knows how to caricature the ‘elite’ crooks – meaning MA elected class Dems.

and as fourth, dear lord, in the line of succession

He’s after Dopey, Bashful, and Doc, right?

From the Dailey Mail Online:
“John Kerry says Americans ‘have a right to be stupid’ and tells how he lost his diplomatic passport at age 12 after sneaking out to Soviet-controlled East Berlin in 1950s”

Prime example. I wonder when he will mention besmirching fellow veterans and lying to congress. He also showed an early proclivity for consorting with the enemy, Madam Binh was not the first.

John F. (Kohn) Kerry makes me ashamed to wear the same uniform he did. Nothing in this kept man’s life has any basis of reality to whit:
1. His Jewish grandparents spun a globe a their fingers landed on Kerry, Ireland. Thus the name (and faux Irishness).
2. He games the system to get out of Vietnam and somehow was awarded a Silver Star. For someone who never spent a day in the hospital, never even received any stiches, his Purple Hearts are bogus/
3. Winter Soldier – ’nuff said
4. Throwing (someone’s) medals over the WH fence
5. Divorcing his wife then marrying John Heinz’ widow.

Face it, Lurch is a bigger phony than his boss BHO.

    casualobserver in reply to SeniorD. | February 26, 2013 at 4:45 pm

    I’m with you on the things Kerry did to show his true character – a sleazy politician before he was even elected! But I don’t get how the Jewish lineage and the actions of his grandparents fit. Did he knowingly deny it?

I say again-

Just because you served in Viet Nam, and was shot at, and returned fire, does NOT give you moral authority over anyone, for anything.

I know, not PC. Sue me. Tired of it.

Same libs that held them up as baby killers now hold them as unequivocal, unapproachable heroes.

Whatever serves the left…

Louis Prima’s got Kerry’s number:

My brother-in-law is a Vietnam swift boat veteran and Kerry being Secretary of State really bothers him.

I wonder if he will wade ashore when he makes a return visit to Cambodia.

Chuck Hagel has just been confirmed. This means that we have a secretary of defense who believes Iran is legitimate but Israel isn’t; a secretary of state who once compared American soldiers to the Mongol hordes; a first lady who never felt proud of her country until her husband was about to become president; and a president whose stated goal is to fundamentally transform America. Good times.

All of which is true, but it isn’t the whole truth. Conservative/GOP incompetence—incompetence at coalition building and at national electioneering—is the biggest single reason these clowns are in power.

Newt is not being very complimentary about the condition of the GOP. He gets it. Hopefully his insight will be heeded.

Fixed that for ya’ Joe..

“Chuck Hagel………………………..”

Ever bring that yacht back to Massachusetts from Rhode Island, Johnny?

And, exactly where is that ‘secret CIA hat’?

BannedbytheGuardian | February 26, 2013 at 7:46 pm

Regarding Hagel- I previously posted that absolutely no one else wants the job .

Sometime soon the US military is going to have to have a good look at itself . One one hand it has glorified waiters in outrageous outfits looking stupid for a global Oscar audience whilst the Fort Hood Massacre is 3 years on & unresolved.

There are no doubt excellent pieces of the military machine but they are being swamped by – fill your own words in here.

Recently I noted the seeming disaster unfolding that are the F 35s. I am not in full knowledge but I hinted at allied anger / reduced orders.

Now all F35s have been grounded due to cracks ( on top of other myriad problems ).

Australia has reduced it’s order from 100 to 2. Fuckin 2 !*!*!?

OMG. but you do good Oscar props.

BannedbytheGuardian | February 26, 2013 at 8:03 pm

Regarding Fort Hood – I know it can’t be undone but it needs to be finished & actions implemented.

I recently overheard a military young thang going to several appointments across the Us – all Fort this & Fort That .

All I could think was to not blurt out – look out for f* ckin Muslims !

This guy rivals Hillary Clinton and Barry Fudd for bozo of the century.

What a bad dream…

There is only anecdotal evidence that times are good. There is substantial material evidence that times are interesting.

Great column. One slight correction. Michelle Obama said, “For the First Time in My Adult Lifetime, I’m Really Proud of My Country”

It appears that a some point, for a brief moment at least, Michelle was proud of America when she was a child.