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Sunday Night Open — Maker’s Mark Surrenders

Sunday Night Open — Maker’s Mark Surrenders

I don’t claim to be a marketing genius, and I don’t drink much (at which point you collectively say, “that explains a lot”), but it truly made no sense to me when Maker’s Mark decided to dilute its bourbon.

It has surrendered to the outcry:

Did a random act of journalism take place? The left-wing Crooks and Liars is pretty upset with Chuck Todd, Chuck Todd Shamelessly Compares Elizabeth Warren to Ted Cruz:

Actually, I’m pretty upset at the comparison as well. By the way, did you listen to the very last comment in the video? Warren v. Rubio in 2016.

In other news … ?


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Warren v Rubio in 2016? I don’t drink at all but now seems like a good time to start.


Every senator that has won the white house has been a disaster in the executive position. We need state governors. SUCCESSFUL state governors to run for the office. <—- That's a period.

Maker’s Mark has concluded dilution is not the solution!

1. Per Newt, Hillary would be a formidable opponent indeed if the election were in November.

Afaic Warren could be defeated by minimally competent opposition. Unfortunately, that was true of Obama. Twice.

2. Warren is just plain unlikable. She reminds me of, and looks like, Harry Reid.

3. When Andrew Sullivan calls a far-left Democrat “gratingly smug”, that Democrat needs a new personality. (I anticipate efforts to create one for Warren.)

4. On a tangent: Excitable Andy’s contract at the Daily Beast was not renewed. Barry Diller is the money behind that site. Barry Diller is Big Media. Elizabeth Warren is Big Media’s candidate. Sullivan dissed Warren. Sullivan got fired. Coincidence?

5. If, gawdhelpus, Warren makes it to the Oval Office, the people who put her there could be in for a shock. I’m thinking about what happened with Indira Gandhi.

It would be interesting to see how long the knives are if Warren challenges Hillary. Mis. Lizbeth jus ain’t ready for the big leagues.

    She’s so eastern establishment she thinks the rest of the country exists merely to shout “hosanna” to her bidding. I think she’s in trouble with progressives from Chicago, west, just doesn’t know it.

    TrooperJohnSmith in reply to Anchovy. | February 18, 2013 at 4:12 pm

    Y’all are just tempting me to channel Jimmy Carville again, aren’t you?

    “Yaw go draggin’ a hunnit-dolla bill thu a Oklahoma trail’a pawk, you gonna get fawty, maybuh fiddy Liz-buth Wawns come outta da woodwuhk!”

    I’m sure Warren’s handlers/keepers know better than to take a bite out of that turd sandwich.

I love the graphic in that screenshot. “New Senators traditionally hold back during first years.” Says so much. First off, it suggests that election to the Senate is a long-term thing. The whiny nature of the message “Maaaaaa!!!! Jimmy’s not playing fair!!!!” is annoying, as is the expectation that Cruz should do nothing but scrounge for table scraps from the seasoned veterans.

And, since they brought up the idea of traditions, isn’t it tradition for the Senate to submit a budget? For the President to operate within the confines of the US Constitution? For the press to report the news? Why isn’t there a graphic bemoaning the deviations from those traditions (I ask rhetorically)?

Our first “Native American” President. (Well, she does have “high cheek bones”:)

Are Democrats going to run another freshman senator in 16? Heaven help us!

Makers Mark surrendering and upping the alcohol content in their booze just goes to show that Hillary Clinton has finally accomplished SOMETHING.

Was Karl Rove advising Maker’s Mark? “You have to dilute your formula in order for people to buy it…”