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Saturday afternoon open

Saturday afternoon open

Seems like there’s a fair amount doing.

This seems to be getting a lot of attention:

There’s not much more I can add to that except the hysterical admonition from the White House no one Photoshop it. I wonder how that is working out.

Update — Here’s how it’s working out, thanks to Patricia!

taking aim w LI flag


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White House secrets not as well kept as Obama’s skeet shooting:

o The civilian intelligence source for the Bin Laden raid, and other raid details

o Who developed and launched the Stuxnet virus on Iran’s nuclear program

o Obama’s secret “kill list” for drone strikes

o The CIA informants inside Yemen that gave us information about undetectable bomb developments

White House secrets better kept than Obama’s skeet shooting:

o Obama’s golf score

They don’t want anyone to Photoshop a Photoshop. Simple as that:)

I’ve only found one photoshop…no doubt there will be more 🙂

My daddy taught me how to shoot skeet – the clay pigeon’s go UP and you point UP to aim at them… What the h&ll is the #FakePotus aiming at? Nancy Pelosi? GWB’s other dog?

Noone aims DOWNward, or perhaps TheO is just learning how to #SkeetStraight…?

naaaaaaaah, just another posed photo op


… oh, and are there any missing staff from that day?

    RickCaird in reply to LisaGinNZ. | February 2, 2013 at 5:07 pm

    Maybe he is trying to get it while it is still in the launcher. It is easier if it is not moving. Either that, or he waited until it fell to the ground and stopped moving.

    Clearly, this is not a picture of someone actually shooting skeet. But, these guys are such novices, they didn’t understand that. A gun is a gun is a gun.

    It’s probably too heavy for him to lift any higher.

If he actually shoots, which I doubt, I hope he doesn’t shoot like he bowls.

Anybody check to see if Pres. Skeeter was EVEN at Camp David that day…???

We all know that he and Moooooochelle HATE Camp David, as they tend to avoid it.

Too rustic…

    Zacchaeus in reply to Zacchaeus. | February 2, 2013 at 4:47 pm

    BTW, I find it shocking how many people on the twitterz who are actually afraid to even retweet the photoshopped images b/c of the WH admonition. Was the same admonition appended to WH images in the previous administration? If not, what makes this WH so bold? Overlooked boilerplate written by some equally thin-skinned uninformed non-lawyer lackey, or intentionally misleading dishonest admonition by an equally thin-skinned lawyer lackey?

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

If you look at the original photoshop — I mean, photo — released by the propagandists in the White House, it really looks like Obama is blowing smoke out of a rifle-shaped bong.

Maybe it’s the only way he can disguise getting stoned at Camp David.

Brilliantissimo, Patricia! Hahaha!

Great posts all !! As an experienced “skeet shooter” I can tell you there are soooo many things suspect in this photo that it is hilarious to even think this guy is actually shooting skeet. Actually all this photo IMPLIES is that he fired a single round through a shotgun (hey AP … it is NOT a rifle). The pattern of ‘smoke’ and apparent lack of recoil seems to imply it may have been a “popper” (a technical term for BLANK used by shotgunners as opposed to AR-15ers). There are no clay pigeons of any kind in the photo. Skeet ranges have specific layout of 8 stations. I do not see even a hint of that in this photo (nor a hint of the 5 stations for a trap range). Dark glasses like his are not what a regular skeet shooter in the know would use (my opinion). The upper barrel has an extended choke tube yet the lower barrel apparently has none. Suggests a single shot “game” of some kind, definitely not skeet. He is not leaning into it the way an experienced (even knowledgeable novice) skeet (or trap) shooter would do. But then he does not have to since it is a not a ‘real round’ in the chamber. Yep, he has a rifle stance not a shotgun shooting stance. The earlier post about shooting “up” is correct. There are actually TWO HOUSES from which skeet targets are thrown (see the vids on how Rhode won the gold medal — now THAT is skeet shooting). I suspect the WH was so adamant about the photoshop issue because they knew theirs was the ORIGINAL PHOTOSHOP. What a “tool” this guy is….glad I have been member of the NRA and reading the American Rifleman since I was 15…well before the gray appeared in my beard…haha.

    Ragspierre in reply to lifer. | February 2, 2013 at 5:47 pm

    My surmise is that he is shooting a static target, as one would to “pattern” a shotgun.

    He damn sure is not firing at a thrown target…unless it is approaching the ground…and hence out of range…

    I hope Bo was well behind him…

    My reading of the photo is that is a VERY nice ported over/under shotgun (see the original photo). Note the figuring on the wood. High end.

    TrooperJohnSmith in reply to lifer. | February 2, 2013 at 6:48 pm

    The way he’s nuzzling that shotgun, he’ll have a bruised cheek, for sure. And how about that bruised shoulder?

    Surely someone could’ve coached him better than that.

    Dumb. Ass.

      Yep, and I keep waiting for the stock to slip…

      Trooper,you can bet, with the stock that high up on his shoulder, he had a nasty, SORE bruise that lasted for a long time. No one who has ever shot skeet (nasty little buggers) would place a shot gun that high on his shoulder.

      Also,lifer is correct. Obama is NOT leaning into the shot, which would contribute to his being knocked off balance.

    kevino in reply to lifer. | February 4, 2013 at 12:21 pm


    “If he’s shooting skeet then I’m Daffy Duck. … Now, what’s wrong with the president’s picture? First the weapon is nearly level to the ground. Can’t be skeet shooting, nor likely trap either. “

Oh, he wanted to be seen shooting a lever-action rifle for sport.

    No joke: the NRA is more of a viable political force than the GOP. Donate to them accordingly, and starve the GOP accordingly.

    Don’t be surprised if there is a NRA political party in the future.

    It just goes to prove that balls = leadership = followers, and cowardice = failure.

      For the first time I joined the NRA last month. I am glad I did but I wish they would stop spamming my e-mail.

      If you decide to join, make up a fake e-mail or expect spam by the truck load. I will not be renewing my membership unless they come up with a way to opt out of all their spam at one time in one place. Screw ’em.

        Be patient with that.

        They know what they’re doing.

        The influx of material is a small price to pay for the incredible work they’re doing to protect our freedom.

          They can perform their work without spamming. I sent them my membership dues so they could perform this incredible work, not to act as a spamming marketing service.

          A spammer is a spammer, no matter how worthwhile their goal. Their spam is pure marketing and has nothing to do with second amendment issues.

          Oh, by the way…. I just got another spam from the assholes at NRA for hearing aids. This has nothing to do with the reason I joined or the second amendment.

          These people are nothing but a bunch of asshole spammers. Had I Known this, I never would have joined.

        Tomblvd in reply to Anchovy. | February 4, 2013 at 8:07 pm

        Concern Troll or a Moby?

        “Don’t join the NRA, they’ll send you e-mail!!!!1!!!”

Sir Cool Prez should have borrowed Mike Dukakis’s tank helmet for that picture.

No Photoshopping? Does that edict include his birth certificate?

the amount of smoke bugs me. the more I think about it the more it bugs me. I have no idea if there are skeet shells that smoke more but my home def shells (buck and ball centurion amm823) don’t smoke that much.

I’d love to see video of Obama shooting a 12 gauge with 000 buckshot while holding it that exact same way.

Have you ever seen a thinner skinned president in all your life?

You don’t see the target in the photo. How do I know he’s not shooting at Dr. Orly Taitz?

Better yet, the WH should have released a youtube video of several shots and several misses ….

Obama shooting guns…

Related: I found an interesting new blog by a guy writing the story of his life working in the Emergency Room!

BannedbytheGuardian | February 2, 2013 at 8:25 pm

This is offensive to any sporting person. You just can’t get up & start shooting especially a ground level !

I spoke with a military support briefly on what it takes to go from zero to a proficient gun handler. It is a long process which includes actually carrying the rifle around for 1/2 the day , learning to dismantle & clean , ammunition storage & safety. Then learning to fire correctly. Then off to intensive range practice & testing. The biggest shock was the noise & the kickback was brutal ending in sore shoulders .

Then running in full webbing & shooting . Then on to pistols & machine guns.

Shooting is not easy. It is not a pic opportunity.

Shame on the WH.

    Whoever’s idea it was to give an spaz like Obama a loaded gun and have him shoot it was actually doing the country a favor. I guess the odds just weren’t with us this time.

    Maybe next time they’ll give him a hand grenade and tell him to pull the pin.

      BannedbytheGuardian in reply to | February 2, 2013 at 9:08 pm

      I try to be tolerant & overlook the sheer awkwardness of left handlers . The way Obama hooks his arm around & crimps his hand when signing docs is pathetic. Thank God we don’t still use quill & ink or he would splotch all over everything .

      I can understand how teachers & nuns , on seeing such spazziness , used to launch out from their desks & rap kids over the knuckles ( and worse).

      To see such a klutz with a gun is unbearable . Miss Maplethorpe – Barry the 1/2 black kid is at it again – 2nd row!

        You haven’t seen awkwardness until you’ve seen a left eye dominant/right hander trying to shoot skeet…

        Yeah, talking about myself…

          BannedbytheGuardian in reply to Kenshu Ani. | February 2, 2013 at 11:18 pm

          The dominant eye thing. I think it might be handy for some shooting. Because you have used one eye dominantly for lengthy periods.

          You could be a sniper – no one knows you a even there.

          BannedbytheGuardian in reply to Kenshu Ani. | February 2, 2013 at 11:23 pm

          Which reminds me – how good a shot was Lee Harvey Oswald ? That was one steady eye.

Everything is wrong about that picture as being an accurate depiction of skeet shooting… Angle, poise etc.

Anyone notice that he had the gun pointing in the wrong direction?

Barack Obama is the Milli Vanilli of politicians:

He is a lip-synching fraud of the worst order. His foundation is no sturdier than a house of cards. And it’s only a matter of time until one card is firmly pulled out and the whole homes tumbling down.

How this will happen is by a media backlash on an issue – even a small one. Our corrupt media heads know this. They are getting meaner and more desperate for the dyke not to burst. They can only perpetrate fraud for so long in the face of push-back by the likes of William Jacobson and the people who post here.

The trick to defeating Obama is to stand up to Obama – and stay standing. Like any bully, his worst fear is a sock in the nose. The ‘Barry Fudd’ backlash just may be the first of many to come.

It’s very revealing that (1) Obama handlers thought this picture was a good idea, and (2) they had the hubris to believe the could intimidate opposition into not mocking it. This indicates that they have started to believe their own press – and we know that press to be absolute fantasy. Hubris will be their destruction.

The NRA is now polling stronger than the GOP ( — may the corrupt and cowardly leadership of that party all rot in hell alongside their Democrat fellow travelers).

The NRA has shown (1) that the Obama/democrat/union/education complex can be beaten, and (2) how to beat it: with brains, guts and fortitude.

Remember Milli Vanilli?

Remember John Boehner? (Did he die?)

Obama used to be a regular at all the local ranges here in Chicago. Just kidding… there are no ranges here in Chicago. The nearest sporting clays range is an easy 40+ miles outside of the city.

More Chicagoland Idiocy, Mayhem and Stupidity:

Barack!!! Put down that scary, military-style assault rifle before you hurt someone. Don’t you know that guns have a mind of their own and are dangerous?