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San Diego Sheriff’s spokeswoman stereotypes bloggers as “800-pound disabled man that can’t get out of bed and be a journalist”

San Diego Sheriff’s spokeswoman stereotypes bloggers as “800-pound disabled man that can’t get out of bed and be a journalist”

… who sits “with your Apple laptop and your fuzzy slippers”

It is really hard to be both a San Diegan and a blogger.

Recently, our Chief of Police casually remarked that if lawmakers play it right, Americans can be completely disarmed within “a generation.”

Now, the spokeswoman for the San Diego Sheriff’s Department rails against bloggers!

This week the spokeswoman for the San Diego Sheriff’s Department was invited to a panel sponsored by a local journalism group called “Grade The Media,” and boy did she. She used her time on the panel to rail against one of her biggest issues with the media: fat bloggers who don’t wear proper footwear.

To start, spokeswoman Jan Caldwell explained to the room full of journalists why it is so important to be nice to her: “If you are rude, if you are obnoxious, if you are demanding, if you call me a liar, I will probably not talk to you anymore. And there’s only one sheriff’s department in town, and you can go talk to the deputies all you want but there’s one PIO.”

Then Caldwell went on to discuss why she would like to create a credentialing process in San Diego that discriminates against bloggers, using stereotypes from straight out of 2003:

You can sit with your Apple laptop and your fuzzy slippers, you can be an 800-pound disabled man that can’t get out of bed and be a journalist, because you can blog something. Does that give you the right—because you blog in your fuzzy slippers out of your bedroom and you don’t go out and you haven’t gotten that degree—should you be called a journalist?Or should you be like Pauline [unclear] who graduated from journalism school and has been doing this a long time or JW or Dennis? Are you on the same par? In my estimation—and I’d like to hear from Darren and Michael on that—no. Because Pauline and JW and Matt and the others that have been doing this a long time and they know the questions to ask, as will you. But if you’re just sitting at home with your laptop blogging and you just want to get under my skin or you’re CityBeat—left to Lenin, oh my God—then, yeah. So I drop that out on you all: what do you all think of that?

So many points to address:

But shame on us…asking for public records to which we are legally entitled in the first place.


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OMG, what fun ! Can we get the San-Deigo LOBs to put out a calendar?

She needs to go back to school to learn what a PIO is. In my experience many of them are retired from TV media and they can bring that ego with them. Just as many chose the PIO route after being in that particular field. I’m guessing she was the former.

Sounds to me like you have a civil-rights case against the Sheriff’s department: profiling, openly-declared discrimination, and refusing equal service based on that discrimination.

(1) they openly admit they discriminate based on weight and attire.
(2) I’m guessing that the bloggers in SD are not 100% representative of the Ethnic breakdown of SD (almost impossible to be 100% matching ethnic/sex/disabled/etc percentages) – therefore, they are openly discriminate against whatever ethnic/sexual/religious/etc backgrounds are more prevalent the blogger community, than in the community in general.
(3) I would demand an investigation to see if her superiors were aware of her opinions (or even shared them), and if so, it sounds like there’s a clearly hostile workplace to anyone who might belong to those same characteristics as a blogger.
(4) the PD is openly stating they will not serve certain sections of the community, purely based on personal dislike. That sounds like an investigation is in order, right there – after all, how far does that attitude go, and is it officially supported?

I think you should go for it – it’s not like you’ve got anything to lose, and perhaps it’ll get their attention that they can’t discriminate based on their profiling.

They’d bring back the “Fairness Doctrine” if they could and they wouldn’t stop there.

Just as they’re trying to restrict the Second Amendment to the government’s favored few, they’d like to restrict the First Amendment to government-licensed journalists.

Jan, you ignorant slut.

Do they have the right? Yes, it’s called the First Amendment. You might try reading it one of these days.

… an obvious case of profiling

How many times has a public figure gone to war with the media (old or new, for that matter) and won?

Sounds like this PIO is begging for an early retirement.

TrooperJohnSmith | February 23, 2013 at 10:45 am

To the So-Cal Sheriff, I have a true So-Cal response:

Retired FBI agent and current San Diego Sheriff’s PIO, Jan Caldwell, is an old FBI buddy of the actual Sheriff, Bill Gore, who is also retired FBI.

In fact, Bill Gore was the FBI Agent-in-Charge at Ruby Ridge. He was also censured by BOTH Congress and the Senate — the first and only FBI supervisor in FBI history to be censured by both houses — for his pathetically dismal performance as head of the San Diego FBI office after he had two of the 9/11 hijackers living in San Diego on his watch and they were squarely on his radar — and he did nothing. Zero. Zip. Nada.

Yup. Not only was FBI Agent-in-Charge Bill Gore responsible for children and women being assassinated from afar by FBI snipers at Ruby Ridge — Bill Gore later also quite possibly and quite literally could have stopped 9/11 from ever even happening — but he did NOTHING.

Bill Gore was brought off the street by his other old buddy, and former San Diego Sheriff, Bill Kolender. You see, their fathers were chums so they’ve also been chums for a very long time too. After Bill Gore retired from the FBI, Sheriff Bill Kolender brought him onto the San Diego Sheriff’s Department and made him Assistant Sheriff — eazy peazy — just like that. Then, Sheriff Kolender appointed Gore to the position of Under-Sheriff because Kolender knew he was going to quit soon after his reelection (despite the fact that Kolender even went on camera to insist he would not leave early after it was already apparent the Sheriff fix was in) and Bill Gore would get appointed to Sheriff for the remainder of the term — and then get reelected and become San Diego’s next new Sheriff for life.

It took years for the Kolender-Gore plan to come to fruition and be realized. But they certainly pulled it off. The San Diego County Council were in on it. Everything Kolender-Gore conspired to do in order to get Bill Gore seated as Sheriff of San Diego County went off without a hitch.

What a plan. What a fix. What a con job on the people of San Diego County.

Then Gore brought in some of his old FBI bosom buddy pals, not the least of which was Jan Caldwell — to be his lapdog ‘Public Information Officer’ (PIO). Which — by the way — she has performed her duties for him, Sheriff Gore, with distinction. She came out the gate running interference for Sheriff Gore and the department like a seasoned pro. But she had plenty of practice. You see, she was his spokeswoman at least part of the time he was FBI field office supervisor. They were co-workers for decades. And she ran copious interference for him after Gore screwed the pooch on the 9/11 hijackers living in San Diego.

Jan Caldwell is a petty vindictive little man — trapped in a woman’s body. She is hyper-elitist (like the vast majority of FBI agents indubitably are), fanatically loyal to Sheriff Gore, plays fast and loose with the truth if there is even an inkling that the Sheriff or department are being assailed by journalists, and she has no qualms whatsoever with shoving people around no matter who they are so that they behave in a manner which is worthy of her King.

After all, the best lapdogs are the ones that have been your lapdog since they were a puppy.

    jimposter in reply to FlatFoot. | February 23, 2013 at 11:31 am

    Thanks for the information. Knowing the players and their history explains a lot.

      Indeed. And that’s just the common knowledge of the rank & file plus a handful of concerned citizens actually willing to accept the indisputable evidence. We tried to disseminate it all to the entire San Diego County public/electorate before the Sheriff election in June 2010 but the San Diego County Sheriff’s Association (DSASD) would have no part of it whatsoever — despite their knowing to a certainty that the fix was in.

      Unfortunately — the DSA — they’re lapdogs too. Of the self-serving variety to be more precise. Sheriff Gore’s sycophants and lickspittles get big perks and big preference. He rewards his loyal lapdogs and servants handsomely with choice assignments and promotions. But that’s nothing new or unusual in the Law Enforcement ‘Family’. Especially where the MFWIC [mo’fo who’s in charge] is publicly Elected and not privately Appointed.

      There is much, much more about FBI/Sheriff Bill Gore, his history on the FBI, the conspiracy to insert him as San Diego Sheriff and make it stick, and the subsequent departmental shenanigans to rid the department of his vocal detractors and the ongoing demoralization of the veteran Deputies — but you’d have to write a novel to write about it all.

    Excellent rundown. Look’s like you have the first example for a bestselling book titled “Why You Should Never, Ever Consider A Retired FBI Bigwig For Sheriff”.

    Three decades ago an FBI Agent used to be like the Texas Rangers but today they’re more byzantine and scheming than the inner wonks in the Vatican. And their egos are even stronger.

    Fortunately the voters of SD County have a say so in this every four years. Now’s the times to prepare for the next campaign.

    A classic example of how unfettered government power goes to the heads of the individuals who wield it. That anyone (read libs) questions the importance of our first and second amendments (in particular) to protect against scum like this baffles the mind.

From their collective perspective atop their insular world, the party of Forward. with all its mighty intellect cannot see they are living in the past. Smugs.

It’s no surprise that she thinks J-school grads are the only ones who should be talking to her. She knows that people who matriculate through those programs are invariably left-wing activists who will agree with her agenda. See, for example, the mainstream media’s fawning coverage of BO.

    janitor in reply to Joel Engel. | February 23, 2013 at 12:58 pm

    HA HA HA HA HA! The woman is a nitwit. I actually have an undergraduate journalism degree, received 30-something years ago. I was a bit older when I decided to go to law school, but at the time I didn’t have a bachelor’s degree. So I culled through the UF course catalog to pick out the degree that would be the easiest and take the least time, after applying CLEP and various credits from elsewhere. That was journalism. I had absolutely no interest at the time in being a journalist 😀 .

      TrooperJohnSmith in reply to janitor. | February 23, 2013 at 6:26 pm

      I also have a journalism degree, hard-won in those days before “spin”, when OP-ED was confined to its own section and a desire to pursue the truth was a job requirement. Then, along came Watergate and all the little lefties wanted to be the next Woodward and/or Bernstein and were prepared to live on daddy’s money while slaving away at the city desk of some obscure fishwrap. Suddenly, it was a buyers’ market, and a J-degree wasn’t worth much, especially when it came to living above the poverty line. Folks like me left the business and all the political apparatchiks stayed around, to eventually become editors and publishers.

Word of the Day: Pamphleteer.

San Diego Sheriff’s Department spokesclown Jan Caldwell should look it up. Wikipedia might even be useful in this case.

One wonders if Caldwell even knows who Thomas Paine was…

What an arrogant twit.

Journalism reform, item 1. Find all the journalists on your staff who went to journalism school. Dismiss them from employment and replace them with people from the real world.

SoCA Conservative Mom | February 23, 2013 at 12:09 pm

Anyone and everyone with her attitude should immediately be fired. Everyday I hate our government a little more, because of people like her.

To this very point of such incredible arrogance of “public officials,” Professor Angelo Codevilla (at BU) has written another dead-on article. Its principal thesis echoes Franklin, “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

Here is one of the final paragraphs,
The common, unifying element of the several country class’ sectors is the ruling class’ insistence [Ruling Class refers to the elites (monied & “intellectual” (so-called anyway) and government officials generally], founded on force rather than reason, that their [meaning the Country Class who are LI readers for certain and lots of other common sense Americans] concerns are illegitimate, that they [i.e., all sectors of the Country Class] are illegitimate. The ruling class demonizes the country class piece by piece. Piece by piece it cannot defend itself, much less can it set the country on a course of domestic and international peace, freedom and solvency. None of the country class’ politically active elements can, by themselves, hope to achieve any of their goals because they can be sure that the entire ruling class’ resources will be focused on them whenever circumstances seem propitious. In 2012 for example, the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms seemed politically safe. Then, one disaster brought seemingly endless resources from every corner of the ruling class to bear on its defenders. The rest of the country class’ politically active elements stood by, sympathetically, but without a vehicle for helping. Each of these elements should have learned that none can hope for indulgence from any part of the ruling class. They can look only to others who are under attack as they themselves are.

If LI readers acquaint or re-acquaint themselves with Codevilla’s terrific article of 3 years ago (where he describes what he means by Ruling Class and Country Class), a better understanding of this latest Codevilla article will result.

FTR: I don’t own an Apple laptop.

The 800 lb bloggers wearing fuzzy slippers of today were the Thomas Paines and Patrick Henrys of the 18th century. Look at what they had accomplished. And look how people like asshole Caldwell have screwed it up. I wouldn’t trust her to be PIO for a bodega on the lower east side.

And you can be an ignorant twit and be a PIO.

How about if I tell her to ESAD? Will she still talk down to me?

BannedbytheGuardian | February 23, 2013 at 6:34 pm

I have a young friend doing a creative writing degree.- Part UC part local state U. Her mum tried to explain to practical me that it did in fact have a few journalist units.

I replied that sounds the perfect mix. I would add an honours year – Professional Lying.

She should go far.

List of “press” with no journalism degree, who dare to ask questions of politicians:

Chuck Todd, Helen Thomas, Walter Cronkite, George Stephanopoulis, Tim Russert, Jake Tapper.

Oh, but you know who DOES have a journalism degree? Sarah Palin, that’s who.

Let’s ask this dingbat if we should fire most of the DC press corps, and hire Palin instead.

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We right wing bloggers do not need the sheriffs dept, unless they want to come over and clean up the mess that is left after a criminal tries to break-in or rob us, we can take care of our selfs, if this idiot thinks she can disarm America, she had better wake up to reality. The most crime is in city’s like the one she likes to think she runs, she is just another fool spouting off her left wing Utopian dream………

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