The Tea Party movement has been pronounced dead more times than one can count.

Vilifying and demonizing that great unwashed semi-libertarian freedom movement has been an almost full-time focus of the mainstream media and left blogosphere; in a sign of national unity, Republicans have held the left’s hand when it comes to the Tea Party movement.

So it’s no surprise that the Tea Party movement’s negatives have risen.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the hatefest visited on the Tea Party movement over the past four years.

The Tea Party movement has driven the national dialogue since 2009 over issues of national debt and deficits, taxes and entitlements, government control versus individual freedom.

Would you like a drone with your Obamacare?

That dialogue could not stop Obama’s reelection for a variety of reasons many of which were peculiar to the Obama phenomenon and the nature of the Republican primary system, but even Obama is talking (only talking) about the issues the Tea Party has driven to the forefront.

Also listen to Karl Rove (the new shiny object of hate glimmering in the eye of the conservative movement at the moment) and Bill Kristol (frequently cited as part of the problematic Republican establishment) in recent interviews:

The question normally is phrased as to whether the Tea Party movement should have a place under someone else’s tent.

Pop quiz —

Whose tent is it now?

You just didn’t realize it.

Keep on keeping on.

And in my humble opinion, our tent should be big enough for Karl Rove and Bill Kristol, and Democrats who share our concerns. But more on that later.