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Obama Opens new Campaign with “Organizing for Action”

Obama Opens new Campaign with “Organizing for Action”

I talked to my mother last night, a long-time Democrat who voted for Obama this November.

She said that she had tuned out the State of the Union address to pour a class of wine, because it was more of the “same, nasty rhetoric” she heard during the Inauguration Day speech.

However, the real meat of the delivery may not have been in Obama’s words anyway.  Breitbart’s Joel B. Pollak reports that Obama has created a whole new campaign team to support his second term policies.

As President Barack Obama delivered the State of the Union address, activists involved in his new non-profit advocacy group, Organizing for Action, gathered in local meetings around the country to watch and cheer him on. The new 501(c)4 organization, which is an offshoot of his re-election campaign, aims to support the president’s policies and to project the power of the White House beyond Washington into local communities and media.

I joined a gathering in southern California, which rented out a local pub and tuned in on the big screen. The buildup to the event was almost as interesting as the event itself. I received several email invitations to join a State of the Union-watching party; once I had accepted, I received two confirmation emails with detailed directions, plus a personal phone call the day before the address just to make sure I knew where to find the event.

Those, like my mother, hoping for sensible compromise will be in for a disappointment. It seems that the organization plans to operate under the classic rules that govern progressive “civility” and “tolerance”.

We all settled down at the bar or around tables to watch the event. Loud applause broke out for President Obama when he entered the chamber, and at several times during the speech itself. The group was particularly pleased by lines about climate change and on immigration reform, though the clapping stopped when the president spoke of “going to the back of the line behind the folks trying to come here legally,” a conservative theme.

There were a few boos, particularly when Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) appeared onscreen, or when Speaker of the House John Boehner failed to react positively to something the president had said.

Strap yourselves in: It looks like we are in for four years of hard core campaigning! My mom is going to need a lot more wine.


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It’s anecdotes, like this, that cause me to ask, once again, “Tell me again why the nineteenth amendment was a good idea?”

I jest, of course, because my wonderful wife knows where I sleep, but I do wonder about the wisdom of democracy on the federal level, sometimes.

Insufficiently Sensitive | February 13, 2013 at 3:43 pm

These blokes have anonymous funding, and in case the Obama cause runs into adversity, or some patrons’ payoffs become threatened, that funding is essentially unlimited and could be support ‘direct actions’. This is Obama’s personal army, and there’s no governmental restriction on it. I view with alarm.

    Not only is it Obama’s private army but it follows community organizing principles on never giving up government power. It’s about gaining access to the institutions and letting people know you are not afraid to use it. Classic shakedown.

    When I was following up on using the schools to gain education on “equal terms” I followed the cite to a book. recognized the prof so I bought the book to see what she had to say on what was intended and how. She had the cooperation of the MW Academy and was quoting from the Documents. It was chilling as it was written several years before Obama’s election. To give power to someone trained in those views of power and what to do with it is precisely what we are now dealing with.

    Organizing for Action is indeed what Ulrich Beck called the Metamorphosis of the State. And we are not on board with their view of citizenship.

Charles Curran | February 13, 2013 at 4:01 pm

It all depends on 2014. If we can keep Rove and his people at bay, and get some smart ‘Conservatives'(ie Ted Cruz) to run, we will only have two years to wait, and your mother won’t have to go to those meetings.

Strap ourselves in? More like “strap on your hat” as my football coach used to say. Time for combat. Personally I am going to call BS, loudly and clearly, every single time I hear it. I’m going to get in the face of anybody who pulls out the Alinsky tactics any time I’m within ear shot. And anybody who blows a dog whistle on me is going to get a face full.

OFA is backed by big money, big political machines, and top-notch technical talent like Harper Reed’s.

I see little evidence that the Right, with rare exceptions like Ted Cruz, even grasps what it’s up against, or cares.

Leslie, if the conservative movement surmounts this period, it will be because people like you hold the fort against the odds until the cavalry arrives from heaven knows where.

Obama’s own little nascent brownshirts. Charming.

They’re evidently being funded by Soros, among others, and have linked up with Media Matters (of course).

You thought the din from the Left was deafening before: you ain’t seen nothing yet.

I think we continually miss the mark in our ‘attacks’ on Obama. He’s nothing — he’s a contrivance of our corrupt news media. They’re actually a waste of time, other than to assuage the outrage among the ’59 million,’ because our blog information rarely, if ever, reaches the ‘low info’ voter. The only way to change this is to attack the news media itself, and create an atmosphere where low info voters have something tangible to chew on. Doing so will also force the news media to actually do some reporting.

Without a completely corrupt news media to wipe his behind, Obama will be shown for the lunatic cypher he is.

But our continually ineffective attempts to convey information to ‘low info’ voters will continue to fail, for they only watch ‘low info’ media sources.

Attack the ‘low info’ media source, and you attack the root of the problem.

Let’s buy up all the brown material. Then they won’t be able to make the shirts.

You forgot to mention — these 501c4 zombies will eventually be armed, with federal power to arrest:

Obamacare’s federal police force:

DHS buys 1,600,000,000 (billion) rounds of handgun ammunition:


I don’t want to be rude, Leslie, but please discourage your mom from voting. If she can’t live with the nonsense, why vote to foist it upon the rest of the country?

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