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No, Democrats do not have a “full blown Akin” on their hands

No, Democrats do not have a “full blown Akin” on their hands

Via Memeorandum, news that man makes stupid comment about rape and right of self-defense:

Memeorandum - Colorado state legislator rape guns

How do I know that this will not be the Democrats’ Todd Akin?

Because he’s a Democrat, he’s at the state level, and this is not an election year.

But mostly because he’s a Democrat.


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(D) is like a get out of jail free card.

He’s apologized and that will that.

Meanwhile Mr. Todd says it’s a myth that there’s liberal bias in the Media.

Deemocrat gun-grabbers to their Real War On Women victims…

“Don’t worry your pretty lil’ head, hon. You can’t be trusted with that bad ol’ gun. Here’s a nice rape whistle and a tax-payer provided abort0pill for ya’.”

But this continues the Democrat war on women. Salazar is the poster boy for why Democrats are wrong on gun control.

First he says women can’t handle a gun, and might make a emotional decision to shoot … then says they should really be submissive anyway … and just hope for the best.

And Obama talks about how we need to take care of “our women”, rather than thinking perhaps women and ALL citizens should be self reliant, and are capable as their own entity.

All the Sandy Hook children and teachers that are either dead or terrorized, have a Democrat to thank, for leaving them defenseless. The left’s ideals that a government gun free zone or rape free zone is the best policy, is an ongoing disaster, still vocally supported by Obama and Salazar.

Romney was wrongly tied to Akin … we can rightly tie Obama to albatross Salazar.

Exactly… Yet another example of the double standard that we are all subject to.

Maybe it’s time for all of us conservatives to join the democrat party and just maybe it’ll wither from within.

A fine kettle o’ fish, eh?

I agree with all the comments so far. However I don’t think it takes the Salazar affair to its maximum affect because they still treat the situation as a 2nd Amendment issue.

For maximum effect you have to make it a Roe v Wade issue. Feminists you say its `My body, my right`. What is a more forceful statement for a woman than to be able to use a weapon to defend those rights? It is the most aggressive means that a woman can employ to be able to say `NO!`. Yet this democrat, among others, wish to deny women the most effective means yet devised to make that statement.

Then just stand back and watch the Libs twist in the wind of petards of their own making.

    Valerie in reply to drdog09. | February 19, 2013 at 3:50 pm

    Doesn’t the ad write itself? Woman looks into the camera and says, “If I decide I need to protect myself, I don’t want Mr. Salazar in my way.”

“No, Democrats do not have a “full blown Akin” on their hands”


Salazar. Name is familar. Oh yeah, Ken. Me thinks that Colorado should examine all Salazar’s for mental conditions.

familiar But the corrected spelling is apt.

Well, the “Full Blown” wing of the democrat party is the former president Clinton.

All the same, rub his nose in it. Maybe he has personal experiences in these matters? Make them up anyway, that’s their game and it works.

What exactly is a “safe zone”? Is it something akin to holy ground for vampires?

I dreamed of this idiocy last night, and in my dream this Salazar fool was being processed into prison, and he was deeply concerned he’d be gang raped by inmates once settled onto his cell block. I was the prison guard escorting him to his cell in my dream, so to assuage his fears and make him completely safe, I gave him a whistle to blow in case of rape. He felt 90% better, but still had some concerns, so I took a piece of chalk and drew a line on the cell floor around his bunk and labeled his Safe Zone. He felt 100% safe then and all was well.

Also, Alec Baldwin can grab a female reporter by the arm on a public street and call a black photographer a “coon” and a “crackhead,” but he’ll get a Humanitarian Service Award for hating Palin.

listingstarboard | February 19, 2013 at 3:41 pm

This from a state where people hold vigils for a dead ELk.

    Those would be the Bouldairians. And that is not the strangest nor most pathetic activity they engage in. They have protested when an unfortunate hiker who has become bear food is not left for the bear to snack on later. I keep hoping that the mountain lions will grow tired of poodle and develop a taste for patchouli seasoned meat. That being said Bouldaire cops need lessons in competence from the Keystone Kops.

Keep an eye out for it. Some woman is going to die soon, at the hands of a man against whom she has a restraining order.

The problem I have is the notion that citizens are not to be trusted with knowing when they are or are not in danger. A gun is generally used as an instrument of intimidation. It is much more often brandished than fired. When a weapon is displayed, it is generally followed by a command to do something and the presence of the gun is used as “persuasion”. If the victim is also armed, the intimidation of the armed person over the unarmed goes away. The gun then loses its value.

That said, even having ACCESS to a weapon might allow a potential victim to more closely investigate the circumstances. For example, if someone feels they are being followed, if they are armed, they might feel they are able to query the person they perceive as following them to determine their motive. If the person is unarmed, they might not feel they can do that and must take a more passive approach to defending themselves.

But ask yourself who benefits from an unarmed populace? The to biggest beneficiaries are the public safety unions and the politicians they support. An unarmed population requires hiring more police. A helpless population would demand more police. More police means more dues and more dues means more money kicked back to politicians in the form of campaign donations.

My guess is that the reason the Democrats are pushing so hard for gun control is pressure from the public safety unions that shovel so much money to their political campaigns.

    jdkchem in reply to crosspatch. | February 19, 2013 at 6:53 pm

    LA and NY cops can’t have anyone stepping on their sterling record when it comes to deploying firearms? I know every time I see a smallish Hispanic grandmother in a pick up truck I think large black man and unload.

SooperMexican (creator of “Then God Made a Liberal”) has done it again: Liberals Foaming At The Mouth Over My Hashtag #LiberalTips2AvoidRape

#LiberalTips2AvoidRape: pray to Obama extra hard, and promise to have 3 abortions in his name.. — El SOOPer!! (@SooperMexican) February 19, 2013

Mister Natural | February 20, 2013 at 4:10 am

so let me get this straight. the new strategy is that when you are about to be raped you should just pee and puke and that will save you?
that’s not going to deter a frat boy