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Mahatma Gundhi Week at College Insurrection

Mahatma Gundhi Week at College Insurrection

What would Mahatma say about college campuses today?

From my cold, dead hands:

Stand up for what you believe in:

Um, what?



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Gandhi supported gun ownership? Don’t forget that the Dali Lama also supports shooting someone in self defense.

I think that the Gandhi supported gun control should be a T-shirt distributed on campus – they need those memes.

also – was Che in favor of government controlling all guns? I would hardly say so, and of course if you’re a liberal college student, Che was right about everything, because he looked cool and rode a motorcycle.

Use their heroes to question their faith.

I was thinking re: the “War on Women” theme – it would seem that guns make women equal; taking guns away mean they’re less equal, if not defenseless. Anybody explore that meme?

Gandhi, KKK not much difference. He was not an advocate of anything good for blacks.

Gandhi may be an icon, but I have serious reservations about accepting the wisdom of a man who thought drinking his own urine was a good idea.

The Mahatma would say – “Spell my name correctly!”

It is G A N D H I

And you spell it right when you pronounce it right – A as in AAAH

BannedbytheGuardian | February 23, 2013 at 7:04 pm

Mahatma has his moments but it is Indira Ganhi that put India on the map.

Plus she was right about Pakistan & Muslims. Unfortunately not about Sikhs.

Such is life.