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Legal Insurrection goes local

Legal Insurrection goes local

As mentioned during Our own inauguration day, the focus this year is local:

…. at the state and local level we can, and have been, very effective.  That will be a focus of the Legal Insurrection in the coming year — changing what we can change, protecting what we can protect, undermining what we can undermine, acting locally.

We can’t get involved in every local race, but we can give people we know or who know us a hand.  In local races, even a few hundred dollars can make a difference.

Seekonk, Massachusetts, on the Rhode Island border, is one of the saner towns in MA.  It gave Scott Brown 53% of the vote against Elizabeth Warren, and Obama won by a similar margin which was far tighter than the rest of the state.

Unfortunately, Paul Buckley, one of Legal Insurrection’s readers who my wife met during the 2010 Scott Brown election, lost his race for Seekonk Selectman by just 32 votes.

Paul is running again in a special election in April, and he could use our help.  If you could throw him a few bucks, it could make a difference.

We can’t change the world overnight, but we can win battles on the ground, one by one.

Dear GOP Friends/Supporters,As you may remember, I ran in a September 2012 special election for Seekonk Board of Selectmen. It was a close race and is still fresh in people’s minds.  I decided to participate in this year’s annual April election for a single open seat. While the candidates and atmosphere will be different this time around, it is all about having the best interest in the town and doing the right thing.

Many of you supported me back in September and I am asking for your support again. Could you please help with a donation of $25 or $50 to help get the campaign started?  I have the signs and some other material, but will need some new literature and tools for this campaign to get in gear in February.

I believe my platform and the momentum from September puts me in a good position to win.  I hope to hear from you with any thoughts, concerns or any ideas you may have.



Please send checks to:

The Committee to Elect Paul Buckley
92 Barberry Dr
Seekonk, MA 02771

(Make checks payable to the Committee to Elect Paul Buckley)

Or to make an online donation:

Click Here


Donations tax deductible
to the full extent allowed by law.


one of the saner towns in MA. Heh. I’m in a MA town that can’t spend enough. Not sane. Too many folks here are educated beyond their natural intelligence.

Going local is exactly the way to build. This is how we can get decent candidates to run for higher offices.

I know I pick on Scott Brown. I like the guy. But conservatives can do better.

This is a wise course. It will pay off both immediately and down the road, and in ways hard to grasp.