Federal charges expected to be filed today in DC reportedly would implicate his wife, former Alderman Sandi Jackson, resulting in tax fraud charges against her.

Sandi had been receiving a $5,000 per month check from the Jackson Jr campaign for consulting over the course of several years. CBS reports:

Jesse Jackson Jr. will plead guilty to one felony count of misuse of campaign funds and then let a federal judge determine his punishment, which according to the agreement could range from probation to five year in prison.

Jackson’s deal calls for him to repay hundreds of thousands of dollars spent for things like travel and meals with a mistress and a $40,000 men’s Rolex watch he bought for himself. Jackson’s resignation from Congress was also part of the deal.

But Jackson’s pleading guilty to using campaign funds for personal expenses could expose Sandi, his campaign manager, to tax-fraud charges.

The congressman’s guilty plea says Sandi knew about improper purchases that apparently include breakfast snacks, cosmetic services, even beds purchased for campaign workers.

Sandi Jackson is expected to accept responsibility for some things because, as the congressman’s campaign manager, she signed the tax returns.

Both Jacksons could face penalties ranging from probation to jail time.

Full details of the plea deal, which also is said to include “significant jail time,” will be made known by Tuesday, at the latest. The filings in DC will not require court hearings by either Jackson Jr or his wife, Sandi.