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Jesse Jackson Jr. Criminal Plea Deal (copy)(Update — charges against wife too)

Jesse Jackson Jr. Criminal Plea Deal (copy)(Update — charges against wife too)

A criminal Information was filed in federal court in Washington D.C. this afternoon in which Jesse Jackson Jr. was charged with one count of criminal conspiracy, and forfeiture of assets was sought.

The Information alleged that approximately $750,000 of campaign funds was misappropriated for personal expenses, including a “$43,350 gold-plated, men’s Rolex watch” and $1,553.09 to “purchase porcelain collector’s items.”

The charge was part of a plea deal.

The Information refers to Co-conspirator 1, who was Jackson’s campaign manager. That person is believed to be Jackson’s wife, Sandi. It also refers to unnamed persons and entities identified as Persons A-F, but they are not listed as co-conspirators.

The purpose of the scheme was alleged as follows:

Goal of the Conspiracy

11. The goal of the conspiracy was for Defendant JESSE L. JACKSON, JR., and Co-Conspirator I to enrich themselves by engaging in a conspiracy and a scheme to defraud in which they used funds donated to the Campaign for their own personal benefit.

UpdateA criminal Information was filed against Sandra Jackson for one Count of tax fraud, apparently as part of a plea deal as well.

Jesse Jackson Jr. Criminal Information Filed 2-15-2013


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Well at least they were purchasing reversible mink and cashmere lined accoutrements while they were defrauding the campaign that managed to get him reelected by an overwhelming majority. Will Jackson and his wife Sandi be sporting reversible mink-lined orange jumpsuits?

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | February 15, 2013 at 4:46 pm

A headline I’ve been waiting to see my entire life:

BREAKING: Thought Not To Exist, An Honest Democratic Politician Has Finally Been Found!

Wasn’t he out for depression and rehab? I think the latter portion of that will be rehab in the Big House.

Not to worry Jesse… Your buds in Chicago surely will find you some nice comfy work after you get out.

Ya jis gotta luv them thar’ smooth operators over yonder…

BannedbytheGuardian | February 15, 2013 at 5:41 pm

The machine got this strung out till safely after the election.

Remind me , what did Ashgrove (?) actually do besides sing badly?

Now you know why the Democrats are (mostly) in control of this country. If Mr. Jackson has been a Repub, the Republicans would have thrown him off the ticket before the election. To the Democrats, the seat is more important than the person in it.

Jesse Jr, on the advice of his dad, waited to sign off until February–Black History Month.

OK, so the fedora gets recovered, but who is it returned to? The campaign is a corporate entity, which in Jackson’ case is slowly dissolving/will be dissolved. What rectifies the situation – selling the hat and returning the cash pro-rata to all contributors from a certain period?

It’s good to see Jackson getting his. I was always worried that he was headed for the Senate, perhaps an attempt at national office. This only certifies what I had thought of him from the first exposure I had to him.

Thank you Prof. Jacobson for making available the criminal filing – a great piece of reporting. Besides the over-the-top spending (paying down a person credit card with $25,000!!) it exposes the intelligence level of people who think they can out think the law.

What comment has Rev. Sharpton made?

Boy, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree … must say I’m a bit disappointed the son hasn’t learned the shakedown techniques from daddy.