A criminal Information was filed in federal court in Washington D.C. this afternoon in which Jesse Jackson Jr. was charged with one count of criminal conspiracy, and forfeiture of assets was sought.

The Information alleged that approximately $750,000 of campaign funds was misappropriated for personal expenses, including a “$43,350 gold-plated, men’s Rolex watch” and $1,553.09 to “purchase porcelain collector’s items.”

The charge was part of a plea deal.

The Information refers to Co-conspirator 1, who was Jackson’s campaign manager. That person is believed to be Jackson’s wife, Sandi. It also refers to unnamed persons and entities identified as Persons A-F, but they are not listed as co-conspirators.

The purpose of the scheme was alleged as follows:

Goal of the Conspiracy

11. The goal of the conspiracy was for Defendant JESSE L. JACKSON, JR., and Co-Conspirator I to enrich themselves by engaging in a conspiracy and a scheme to defraud in which they used funds donated to the Campaign for their own personal benefit.

UpdateA criminal Information was filed against Sandra Jackson for one Count of tax fraud, apparently as part of a plea deal as well.

Jesse Jackson Jr. Criminal Information Filed 2-15-2013