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In those deep, dark moments

In those deep, dark moments

when I wonder if all hope is lost, I listen to some of my recent radio interviews and wonder … who is that strange person talking about how we move forward and how things are not as bad as they seem.

Do I know him? Can I have some of what he is smoking?

My interview on January 24 with Stephanie Davis of the relatively new Massachusetts Matters is available at the website in an embedded audio player, or by clicking below (opens in new window):


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I too have those moments Professor. I get past them with the realization that what we see is the outer scum. I also have a growing belief in God & It’s purposes are far deeper than we can see. We are just the latest pridefull travelers on the road of history.

Henry Hawkins | February 4, 2013 at 1:30 pm

Excellent interview. Struck me as powered by heavily granulated Buddha Thai Hang-Boy, brought in thru Seattle, not that San Diego crap.

I’m the opposite, I have brief moments where I think that the country will regain it’s senses and correct it’s course. And then I take a look at the news and commentary and come to the stark realization that no, it will not likely get better.

The left absolutely owns education, entertainment and news outlets. The bias is worse than ever and getting worse all the time. Average Americans will not dig into a story to get to the truth or consider how the media misleads or ignores stories that could damage their political favorites.

Once amnesty passes millions of new leftists will flood the country and the politicians will bribe them with ever increasing benefits in order to maintain and increase their power. This tactic will work, until it doesn’t.

These new American leftists will come from leftist countries that have promised them the world and delivered nothing. They’ll be coming to a land where they will again be promised much, but this time they will likely receive much (comparatively) at least for a little while. When it all collapses conservatives and small government proponents will take the blame. What then?? I don’t know.

Take care of your own as best you can.

its rough. I am broken, literally broken and mostly bedridden which of course leads to financially broken,
I have put off ssi/benefits/welfare crap for 5-6 years and not sure how much longer we can.
there are days I want to fight, there are days I want it to collapse so we can rip the band aid off fast and start rebuilding.
either way bodes ill for me, I most likely will get severely hurt no matter what happens.
so what do you do? do you continue to fight to prolong it on the slim hope people will, after generations, wake up or do you just want to get it all over with?
I do without in order to pay bills to post thoughts/links to others on my site to try to get the word out but damn…its hard.

    Henry Hawkins in reply to dmacleo. | February 4, 2013 at 3:24 pm

    Never say die. I’m old enough that I was an adult during the Carter years, another time when frustration and despair cast a pall over the country. Politics is a pendulum, back and forth, ebb and flow. Review presidencies going back 50 years. Basically, it’s usually two terms for Dems, two for GOP, two for Dems, two for GOP and so on. Where’s there’s a Dem one-termer (Carter), there’s a GOP one-termer(Bush Light), while second terms are the norm. Whether due to policy differences or boredom, the American voter swings for change every third election or so.

    The swing back rightward is not in doubt, only its timing is. We are delayed, slowed, not defeated. Far from it.

    The swing back rightward is not in doubt, only its timing is.

“Can I have some of what he is smoking?”

Whatever the leader of the anti-Choom Gang is smoking … I’ll have some of that.

Maui Wowie ain’t nuttin compared to Ithaca Mythica