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I’m a (parts of the) Constitution (I like) Voter

I’m a (parts of the) Constitution (I like) Voter

From John:

Living in New England I’m used to being surrounded by those on the opposite end of the political spectrum from myself. Liberals, more often than Conservatives, like to advertize their liberalism in the form of bumper stickers. Here’s one such self-congratulating Liberal I found while at work.

I guess what’s throwing me is the one that says “I am a CONSTITUTION VOTER”.

Bumper Stickers - Massachusetts - Constitution Voter


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Me Too! Typically a strong cuppa of Dark Roast Colombian in the AM does it for me..

    Observer in reply to JP. | February 18, 2013 at 9:09 am

    To be fair, the Obama-supporting driver does not specify which constitution he/she has in mind while voting.

    Perhaps it’s the constitution of Kenya, or Indonesia, that he/she admires.

    BTW, did you know that one of little Barry Soetoro/Obama’s earliest ambitions in life was to become Prime Minister of Indonesia? Curiously though, it’s never been explained how little Barry, whose mommy woke him up hours before school every day so she could give him extra lessons, believed that a U.S. citizen could become P.M. (But I denounce myself for even wondering about that, as it is undoubtedly racist or birther-ist or something to even bring it up).

Is it me or are most liberal “moonbat mobiles” usually dinged up rolling scows?

Remember, to the liberal progressive, the constitution is a living, breathing and ever changing (in meaning) document. So of course they are a constitution voter, it just doesn’t mean the same thing it does to a conservative voter who trusts in the original intent of the founders.

    TugboatPhil in reply to Paul. | February 18, 2013 at 8:44 am

    To the Moonbats, the Constitution doesn’t even mean what it does to a person knowledgeable in English and reading comprehension either.

Proud Obama voters are drinking the collectivist Kool-Aid. They are so full of crap, they need their daily constitution.

But obviously their idea of government coerces us to all be our brother’s keeper illegal alien’s keeper. They believe the federal bureaucrats decide which races, genders or political donors get hiring preferences or billion dollar grants. And of course only Democrat run unions get the right to bid on government contracts, or work government jobs.

BP had 760 OSHA violations while Exxon had one … yet Obama declared his moratorium on the whole industry. That’s another forgotten case of Obama “never letting a crisis go to waste”, to shut down our economy, especially in strong Republican regions.

Then Obama did another end run around the (constitutional) courts, also largely forgotten …

“The 5th Circuit panel, however, said Feldman’s injunction didn’t explicitly prohibit a new moratorium, let alone one that was nearly identical to the first.

“A more broadly worded injunction that explicitly prohibited the end-run taken by Interior would have set up issues more clearly supportive of contempt,” Judge Leslie Southwick wrote in the majority opinion.


Hmmm…meant to be a “Reply” to Observer or Tugboat (login dumped me to “root” level. Spot-on comments!

Perhaps this misguided (multiple?-)voter thought he/she was championing being a “Constipational” voter, one who’s full of State Of The Union platitudes and in need of an intellectual enema to flush the crap out of their system?

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My experience with the ACLU campaign of “I’m a Constitution voter”, at least in MA, CT, and NY, is that it was a get out the vote effort for college kids. Originally it was targeting all of the “Bush evil”, especially ‘tortue’ and rendition, warrantless wiretaps, etc. But it seemed to grow and become kind of amorphous. I suspect it was the counterpunch to Ron Paul’s growing popularity in the last election cycle. Can’t let the other side win the Constitution argument!

Funny how they don’t really put any energy into the same issues now. Granted, the ACLU still fights against many of the war on terror issues, but it is just much more low key. And they don’t appear to be campaigning to bring any college kids on board at this point. Wouldn’t be “cool” I suppose. Can’t be seen opposing The One overtly.

I VOTED FOR OBAMA says it all. The driver didn’t need the other stickers to confirm his idiocy.

At least two bumper stickers cover earlier ones. Be interesting to see what was covered up.