The Professor wrote about the Illinois judge Cynthia Brim who had been suspended since March 2011, charged with assaulting a sheriff’s deputy and throwing her keys as she entered the courthouse where she worked in downtown Chicago.

This week, Brim was found not guilty by reason of insanity, but what is even more astounding is the process that will ensue in order to remove her from the bench:

Despite being found legally insane by the court, Brim can’t simply be booted from the bench. According to the Sun-Times, an Illinois Supreme Court spokesman said two things must happen before a judge’s removal: the Judicial Inquiry Board must file a complaint, and the Illinois Courts Commission must have a hearing to determine if the complaint is justified.

“That’s a constitutional requirement,” Supreme Court spokesman Joseph Tybor said.

Per the judge’s orders, Brim must undergo a mental health evaluation by the Illinois Department of Human Services which must be submitted for review by March, reports DNAinfo Chicago. Brim could face court-mandated treatment when she returns to court March 15.

Grumpy Elder writes:

What is even more astounding than the verdict is that the Chicago Tribune speculates, “The insanity verdict could aid the judge’s effort to return to the bench.” Yes, they actually wrote that in the article linked above.

This probably could not come from any other source besides the den of iniquity and corruption that is Chicago politics. Of course, Chicago voters are also responsible for this kind of foolishness as well and they apparently cannot see what criminals, mental patients and those declared by a court to be certifiably insane are doing to their city. Apparently at least, some of them are running the city….

The Judge has had so many problems, bar associations have been recommending she be removed from her $182,000 a year job since 2000. But low and behold, somehow the wonderful voters of Chicagoland can’t see that there is a serious problem with the woman.

The Chicago voters may have been confused after the Cook County Democrat party apparently endorsed Brim along with all the other Democrat judges.

H/T Grumpy Elder