Guy Cecil is the Democratic strategist who was the hero of the 2012 Senate strategy which resulted in Democrats not only holding the Senate, but picking up two seats.  He will return in 2014.

Cecil, it’s worth noting, points out what people like Kathleen Parker refuse to admit, that Republicans’ failure was as much if not more a failure of establishment Republican candidates:

“We intend to hold the Senate [in 2014],” Cecil said. “No one thought we could hold it  last cycle. Not only did we hold it, we picked up seats. And it wasn’t just  because we had the Mourdocks. Nobody was saying Tommy Thompson was extreme, or  Dennis Rehberg was extreme. We won because we recruited candidates that best fit  their state.”

So when Cecil says the Democrats will not take back the House, it has credibility:

But I would take absolutely nothing for granted.

By 2014, Politico and others will have stopped complaining that they are puppets manipulated by Obama, and will resume full-blown puppetry.