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Hollywood steps in its own pile; hilarity ensues

Hollywood steps in its own pile; hilarity ensues

Hollywood is apparently unhappy with Seth MacFarlane’s hosting of the Oscars on Sunday night.  So says the New York Times:

Post-Oscar Monday found the movie capital coming to grips with a 3-hour-35- minute ceremony that climbed in the ratings but at its best seemed to hide a great year for film behind a flurry of musical numbers, TV memories and Michelle Obama. At its worst, members of the Academy of the Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said, the ceremony trafficked in offensive humor.

Let us pause for a moment to savor the idea of Hollywood’s elite objecting to  “offensive humor”—these same people who have spent decades mocking good taste, decorum, and Christians; and taking pride in offending middle America while flaunting their politics to flyover country.

“I think I’m a very liberal guy, but I actually winced,” said Lawrence Turman, an Academy member who is chairman of the Peter Stark Producing Program at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts.

The executive producer of Booty Call winced!

He echoed criticism that a number of people in Hollywood voiced privately, speaking on condition of anonymity to avoid complicating relations with the Academy and the show’s producers.

Anonymous critics?  Remember that the next time you hear some actor’s portrayal described as “brave.”

Mr. Turman, who described the producers, Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, as longtime friends, referred specifically to a joke by Mr. MacFarlane about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Yeah, that was a stinger all right.  Right up there with this movie, about the assassination of George W. Bush.  What’s that you say?  No one in Hollywood protested? It won the top award at the Toronto Film Festival?  Oh.

Cathy Schulman, a producer who won a best picture Oscar in the past for “Crash” and is the president of the industry group Women in Film, took aim at a song-and-dance routine about female nudity in film. “Among the women I’ve talked to today I would say I haven’t heard from any who thought it was in good taste,” said Ms. Schulman. She expressed particular chagrin that the dance number poked fun at nudity, which is generally a difficult issue for actresses, in connection with performances that were often “wrenching and moving in many ways.”

So Schulman—whose Oscar-winning film co-stars Ludacris; caution: hyperlink NSFW—is pissed that MacFarlane made fun of actresses who pose nude on camera for enormous sums of money.  But she’s okay with the nudity itself that many “rubes” happen to find offensive.

Such a lack of irony is as hilarious as it is, uh, revealing.  (It’s also not new.)

What it reveals is that, in Hollywood, material is considered offensive only when it breaches political correctness.  And what it explains is why Hollywood conservatives hide their views and meet in secret, like Christians in pre-Constantine Rome.


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While all people have been hypocritical at some point in their lives, Hollywood likes to make an art form of it.

LI has several neat little features, like the Video of the Day, Post of the Day, etc.

When can we look forward to a Naked Actress of the Day feature?

I have a link to a two minute video sent to me with the description: “Ashley Judd porn”.

But, I don’t post it here because this is not that kind of web site (and I don’t want the Prof to wield the ban hammer on me).

Hollywood Joel is a city boy, but a salt-of-the-earth farm boy at heart.

His flyover farm fun consists of sacred cow tipping.

And boy is he good at it. And he lassoed all them bullsh*tters in one go.

LukeHandCool (who didn’t watch the Oscars, but who supports the separation of Church of Obama and sorry State of Entertainment. And whose daughter and her boyfriend have paid internships at NBC Universal and William Morris. That’s how we’ll take back our institutions … make our kids do it!)

Great job – that has to be Legal Insurrection title of the year, quarter or at least month.

Love to see Hollywood scratching their morally-challenged heads to try to set some sort of standard they can all comprehend (not to mention live up to).

The descriptions of the event make me even more glad not to have cable.

Speaking of Hollywood down-home farm boys…

One of two guys who grew up in my small hometown went to Hollywood to find fame and fortune, was a Christian and stayed a Christian. When he was driven to his job each morning, he used the time for Bible study.

The second guy went the way of the world, bi-sexuality and the works…he came home and tried to introduce his skills to a drunken farmer…violence insued and the returning Hollywood celebrity was murdered. The farmer got off when a jury of his peers decided that biting and not letting go justified choking a man to death as self-defense.

Another hometown friend who attended Hollywood parties back when Marilyn M and Elizabeth T were in their hey-day said he was stunned to see how slovenly and filthy the Hollywood crowd were, physically, morally and verbally.

legalizehazing | February 27, 2013 at 4:06 pm

Hollywood has to be the biggest target ever to be ignored. They aren’t constantly ridiculed presumably because no one really cares about them? E! Tv… really? hahahahah

The lack of self-awareness among liberal elites is astounding.

This instance the professor highlights and also the Donna Brazile complaint yesterday about her medical insurance premiums going up are two good examples of how outstandingly hypocritical these people sound. How about the case Ace mentioned too, of Dreamworks Animation announcing the apparent outsourcing of animation jobs to China, after the President personally intervened in a negotiation with the Chinese government on their behalf? That’s a real beaut of an instance of two-faced, double crossing from the liberals, since it primarily hurts givers to the Obama campaign (the LA Arts community) to the sole benefit of one big Obama supporter.

I wonder what Mitt Romney, that evil outsourcer, would have to say….

    TrooperJohnSmith in reply to MTF. | February 27, 2013 at 5:48 pm

    It is because many, if not most, entertainers are narcissists. That’s why they love Obama, and Obama loves them.

TrooperJohnSmith | February 27, 2013 at 5:46 pm

That is why I only download movies from the many sites available on the Internet. It’s my way of protesting by not spending one, single, freakin’ red cent on their product.

Notice that Kim DotCom, the guy who started Ice Films, a huge free download site, was arrested in New Zealand and extradited to the US, yet Holder lets all sorts of other criminals, his own employees included, run free? In Chicago, that’s called political favoritism.

Since Sweden, Finland and Russia host most of these sites, and a lot of proxy servers, look for Obama to declare war on at least the first two, very soon. 😆

At least he didn’t make fun of female entertainers who get in and out of cars in short skirts sans panties, and then are photographed for the world. For free. Good grief. Why weren’t those women charged with indecent exposure? Had they been men, they would have been charged.

Didn’t those women make piles of money, and hope Everybody would see them, topless on the Big Screen?

I disagree with Muslims on many many things. However, if we had to defend American womenhood against the charges that they are “dogs and whores”, as some Muslims claim, the women of Hollywood would not be on our witness list.

Dennis echoes Joel:

“Do you realize that all the cool kids, which is supposed to be the Oscar crowd … they’ve turned into the scolds !!”

“All the old hipsters are now the biggest squares … you can’t say anything in front of them … They’re watching you all the time!”