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He still cannot tell a lie

He still cannot tell a lie

And who’s Ted?

Even bucolic, very liberal, Cooperstown, NY isn’t safe from the nefarious anti-Obama bumper sticker.

I particularly like poor old George Washington. Can you see him? WTF, indeed.

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Bumper Sticker - Cooperstown NY - Ted

Bumper Sticker - Cooperstown NY - George Washington WTF


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Wow, COOPERSTOWN? I am impressed!

The obvious and only Ted that goes with that set of bumper stickers is Ted Cruz.

What a brave soul. In my town, all the conservative bumper stickers completely disappeared after the last election.

DINORightMarie | February 24, 2013 at 9:03 am


I would say Ted Cruz, but he is so new on the scene – I doubt this license plate is that new.

Teddy Roosevelt, perhaps? Although Teddy was a Progressive….

Certainly NOT Ted Kennedy!! 😉

Maybe Ted Williams.

What a brave soul to have those stickers in Libtard Heaven NY. But I too wonder who the “Ted” is that is loved? A beloved pet, perhaps? 🙂

There’s only one Cooperstown, right? As in, the Hall of Fame? MUST be Ted Williams…