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Gender Bender Week at College Insurrection

Gender Bender Week at College Insurrection

Gender Bender

Just twisted:

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Re Berkeley students and the Salvation Army: What about the militant wing of the Salvation Army? (

That due process article regarding intimate violoence should catch your eye.

That is already the case in family courts. In domestic violence, an accusation IS a conviction. There is no due process what-so-ever. Hell- here in Washington State we could not even get the legislature to sign onto forcing normal rules of evidence to be required. It insanity.

You lose your 2nd amendment rights and your kids… just with an accusation. Many times, there will never be a trial. That is EXACTLY the case when this happens to a guy in the military (where the accusation ends your career).

When I became a fathers rights activist a decade ago, I could not believe my ears at the stuff that goes down in this arena. They have an army of men-haters with a pan-sexual vision of what the nuclear family will be in the next 100 years and they are all funded by federal VAWA $.

Oh and since cracking down on wife beaters is always good PR- the anti-male bills sail through state legislatures with ease.

    Uncle Samuel in reply to Andy. | February 10, 2013 at 5:30 am

    Andy, You are living in the epicenter of lesbian identification and feminazi activism. They are the most powerful persons in WashState politics.

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