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For $57,232 per year you get what at Brown University?

For $57,232 per year you get what at Brown University?

The bubble stretches ever thinner

Sex change operations and nudity workshops.

Via this Providence Journal article comes news about Brown’s upcoming tuition, room and board hike (h/t EarthOceanSkyRedux):

Brown University has increased tuition by 4 percent, to $57,232, for fiscal 2014.

That includes tuition (rising 4.2 percent to $44,608), room and board (rising 3.2 percent to $7,200 and $4,420 respectively), health fee ($690, an increase of $18), recreation fee ($64, unchanged), and student activities fee ($250, an increase of $36).

And this isn’t even all of the charges a Brown scholar can expect.  At College Insurrection, we detailed some extras in “Fees Gone Wild“:

Before students even matriculate to campus, they already must pay a few major fees. First, they will encounter the $2,861 health care plan, which they are automatically enrolled in unless they provide proof of adequate heath insurance. Then students are charged a $672 Health Services fee, along with a $214 student activity fee and $64 recreation fee. In addition, students are automatically enrolled in meal plan and housing, which together cost $11,258. Students are not allowed to opt out of the meal plan during freshman year and must remain in student housing at least through sophomore year.

The fees do not end there. If students are lucky enough to get a New Dorm suite or a Young Orchard Apartment, they will feel the sting of a $1,290 suite fee. If students opt to live off-campus (something that must first be approved by Brown, which denies students this privilege despite overcrowded dormitories), they will be charged a $658 non-residence fee, simply for not living in a dorm.

Despite Brown’s openness to academic freedom, it maintains a tight grip on students’ financial freedom.

And if students obtain loans to cover portions of the almost $240,000 charged in obtaining a degree in 4 years (which isn’t even a guarantee), it could jeopardize not only their their finances, but other aspects of their life well beyond their college years.

This Valentine’s Day, it may be good for those looking at high-priced institutions like Brown to consider that “Student Loan Debt is the New Herpes”.

The credit score, once a little-known metric derived from a complex formula that incorporates outstanding debt and payment histories, has become an increasingly important number used to bestow credit, determine housing and even distinguish between job candidates.

It’s so widely used that it has also become a bigger factor in dating decisions, sometimes eclipsing more traditional priorities like a good job, shared interests and physical chemistry. That’s according to interviews with more than 50 daters across the country, all under the age of 40.

But at least Brown’s graduates will have memories of all the fun programs they enjoyed during their college years.


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When I attended a California University in the sixties, tuition was $20 per quarter, books were roughly $100 per quarter, and room and board was less than $1,000 per year. What the hell are kids thinking these days?

    turfmonster in reply to snopercod. | February 14, 2013 at 4:31 pm

    Amazing how the costs have spiraled out of sight, isn’t it? Einstein once said that compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe, and with university costs outpacing inflation by two to four times over the past generation or two, we now see the price hitting $60,000 a year.

    Now if we can only impress upon society how compound interest works regarding savings, and how savings can return 3% to 6% per year if we allow the economy to grow at normal rates, though we have our work cut out for us given how much control the statists have over the country. Still, we should be able to use this to swing more than a few votes our way from the college-aged crowd.

So we’ve worked to make college more affordable for millions of students and families already through tax credits and grants and loans that go farther than before. But taxpayers can’t keep subsidizing ever-escalating price tags for higher education. At some point you run out of money. So colleges have to do their part. And colleges that don’t do enough to keep costs in check should get less federal support so that we’re incentivizing colleges to think about how to keep their costs down.
—Pres. Sleeper, today

It would be hard to elaborate all that is wrong with that.

Before enrolling in Brown to obtain the sex-change what do you need to to do first? Ma-triculate or pa-triculate?

TrooperJohnSmith | February 14, 2013 at 5:27 pm

The Government-Secondary Education Complex is just another way the Democrats have thrown money to some of their pet constituents. Need that $395.00 “special” textbook for the History of Pre-Colombian Lesbian Pottery Guild Studies? No problem! Just charge it and borrow the money from Uncle Sam! Ditto with room, board, tuition, high-speed Internet access and everything else.


No nude Amy Carter poster?

BannedbytheGuardian | February 14, 2013 at 8:07 pm

I thought Brown was an all gal outfit.

I thought that right until I read this because the Rachel Maddow look alike went to Brown & he has obviously had an unconvincing sex change.

Now it is intersex – with glasses.

‘jury in disguise with glasses ‘ !

BannedbytheGuardian | February 14, 2013 at 8:08 pm

J. U D Y . Autocorrect insists it is either jury or July.

The left’s plot to do anything to keep them from discovering reality.

What really is amazing is how coordinated it is. Even Entertainment Tonight takes their marching orders, doing a hit piece on The Pope (!) yesterday.

Is “gender reassignment” a human right? What did “queers” do before the advent of modern surgery and hormonal treatments?

Ya gotta admit though, that it is a nice introduction to real life with an overbearing government. Taxes, fees, etc., etc.

Nice of the liberal academics to provide the object lesson that their so called core courses do not.

Part of those increases are tied to the “voluntary” payments in lieu of taxes that the university and other non profits pay to the City of Providence.

The city, (as many of you know), nearly went and is still teetering on the brink of bankruptcy due to the irresponsible acts of its politicos, unions and the like.

I’m not defending Brown but just trying to point out a contributing factor.

It’s all part of the RI culture which now closely resembles that of California and Illinois which to me represent a sure path to failure.

That’s why I left some twenty plus years ago…

And, to cap it all, at the end of four years and a quarter mil later, you have a degree from Brown. You might be able to crawl back up the intestine of the academico-politico-media beast and lurk there like a tapeworm leaching off the pabulum that flows your way, but more likely you’ll be saddled with debt, well-nigh unemployable in anything remotely resembling a profitable line of work, and bitter at the society that gulled you into thinking your non-STEM diploma was worth the paper it was written on.

“… obtaining a degree in 4 years (which isn’t even a guarantee) … ” – like it should be?

Brown? As in that brown ring around my ass?

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[…] For $57,232 per year you get what at Brown University? Sex change operations and nudity workshops. […]