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Elizabeth Warren’s “belief in the power of transparency”

Elizabeth Warren’s “belief in the power of transparency”

I think they’re in looooove.

They’re calling her “Wonder Warren” because — wait for it — she asked a government agency for more information because she suspected it was obfuscating and not being straight with the public!  Because no Senator or Congressman ever has done that before:

Warren’s belief in the power of transparency—which in this case means releasing public data whose collection the government mandated—to improve public policy has been a driving force even before she reached the Senate.

Ah yes, the power of transparency.  But not as to her own hiring and personnel records.

She will be their nominee for President — whether she is the Democratic nominee remains to be seen.


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TrooperJohnSmith | February 8, 2013 at 8:46 am

Of Warren’s proclamation of transparency, I’ll let the experts answer it!

casualobserver | February 8, 2013 at 9:06 am

Nothing more nauseating than the modern day crossing of politics with celebrity. My favorite line: “But Warren, by virtue of her large following, can raise attention to the issue, ….”

Large following? What???

I’m hearing ‘coooooo’, from the writer.

(Editor’s note: Warren’s daughter, Amelia Warren Tyagi, is a member of the Prospect’s governing board).

Guess we can bank on Prospect to be the Warren mouthpiece for her 6 years.

Elizabeth Warren is as transparent as BS aspic.

Edit war continues at Warren wiki.
A Feb 3rd edit request “Warren first listed herself as a minority in the Association of American Law Schools Directory of Faculty in 1986, the year before she joined the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania Law School. She continued to list herself as a minority until 1995, the year she accepted a tenured position at Harvard Law School.”

To which Ace History Re-Writer FurrySings replies “What reliable source backs this up? Or is this just something you read in a blog somewhere?”

Ah, but note WHO Warren is demanding this vaunted transparency FROM…!!!

The private sector. SHE is stamping her lil’ self-righteous, friend of the oppressed footies in indignation at THEM…

but never at government. Where the real fault lies for this colossal boondoggle.

AND they have not learned a thing from it. They are trying to re-inflate the housing bubble again.

Oversight and transparency? Warren built the CFPB, the agency designed to avoid any Congressional oversight at all. To me, the disdain towards accountability for herself represented in this video represents the most disturbing behavior of Lying Lizzie Warren:

When she demands transparency from Øbama, I will start to believe in her sincerity. That, and when Liawatha reveals her job application records.

The media and the liberals are going to do everything in their power to pump up this Potemkin Village Idiot.

If Warren runs for prez and succeeds, I’m moving to Slobovia!

Why remain in “this” world IF it becomes inhabitable???

No doubt about it, the progressive left worships Warren to a degree Barack Obama can only aspire. She’s their Judy Garland.

Elizabeth Warren is as transparent and Cherokee as Whoopi Goldberg is Jewish.