If you were up at 5:44 a.m. Eastern this morning (I wasn’t) you would have been there at the very moment when David Gerstman’s first post at Legal Insurrection went live, I said, “Hi.” She said, “Yeah, I guess I am.”

You may have known David as SoccerDad, someone who frequently sent me tips which ended up in my posts, often as an update.

David used to run SoccerDad blog, until he turned off the lights back in 2010 (but it lives on in the Wayback Machine).  He is a computer programmer by trade, and is widely known for his daily Middle East Sampler.  Hopefully we can figure out a way to incorporate that content here at LI.

You should follow David’s Twitter account for really informative links.

David’s influence far exceeds his name recognition, probably because he’s not a publicity hound like me so many people on the internets.

When he hung up his blog shingle, I repeatedly let David know that there was a home for him at Legal Insurrection if he ever wanted to get back into blogging without the burden of running his own blog.  I’m glad he finally said yes.