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Branco Cartoon – Econocide

Branco Cartoon – Econocide

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Rich Detour 590 LI 2


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All the rich couldn’t fund 5 minutes of Obama’s spending.


Should have checked the air pressure on those ambulance tires.

Do Obamaphones work in the abyss?

I wonder what the patient inside the ambulance is thinking…”I’m on my way to the hospital, I’ll be fine!”

Wake up America.

I hope that ambulance has a battery from the thriving LG Chem … you know, the company that got $150 million in taxpayer subsidies from the Obama administration, and
was supposed to provide 60,000 batteries this year, but hasn’t made a single one yet.

There’s a lotta green flowing to these green companies.

As a rule, I do not support class warfare, or any other efforts to denigrate individual dignity.

As long as the rich pay their share — neither progressive nor regressive — of the taxes then they are in compliance.

As long as their wealth is accrued through ethical and moral conduct, then their success cannot be subject to criticism.

It would, however, be in their interest to ensure that their wealth does not remain immobilized, and is instead invested (e.g. for-profit) to improve the condition of the society in which they live.

Our success as a nation depends on the success of every member, but there is no path to instant (or immediate) gratification without consequence. We should not choose nor justify involuntary exploitation to that end.

Most of the problems in our society can be traced to involuntary and fraudulent exploitation with the intent to fulfill dreams of material, physical, and ego gratification, but where motives are obfuscated with words and acts of “good intentions”.