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Bill Maher, white supremacists, and Ahmadinejad all agree on Israel

Bill Maher, white supremacists, and Ahmadinejad all agree on Israel

It’s a good thing for anti-Semites that Israel exists.  If it weren’t for the Jewish state, they’d have no place to hide their “socialism of fools.”  What used to be considered déclassé—“Jews run the world,”etc.—can now be safely repackaged with little or no criticism as “Israel runs the world.”

The latest adherent is Bill Maher.  On his HBO show the other night (h/t LukeHandCool), the so-called comedian complained about Republicans’ filibuster of Chuck Hagel’s nomination and said (via Mediaite):

“Based on every statement I’ve heard from every Republican in the last two years, the Israelis are controlling our government.”

The line was met with applause from Maher’s audience.

Hey, guess who else agrees with Bill Maher and his audience: the lovely neo-Nazis and other white supremacists who regularly refer to the United States as “Zionist Occupied Government”—ZOG.

Go ahead, Google “Hagel ZOG”.  Of the million and a half hits, you’ll find such charming posts as (links intentionally not provided): “ZOG Orders Filibuster Again Chuck Hagel”; “Jewish lobby crushes Chuck Hagel”; “McCain and the other GOP kikes stooges begin”; “Chuck Hagel bows down before ZOG.”  Et cetera, a cesspool of anti-Semitism.

According to Mediaite:

Maher was, firstly, stunned that the Republicans are working this hard to fight the nomination of a member of their own party. The Daily Caller’s Jamie Weinstein explained that they are still trying to vet Hagel before the final vote. Maher couldn’t understand what they find “suspicious about him,” asking “he’s a right-wing Republican and that’s not good enough?”

Since when does every Democrat in the Senate vote for a “right-wing Republican,” joined across the aisle only by four liberal Republicans?  And since when do right-wing Republicans vote against right-wing Republicans?  Didn’t, for example, Senator Ted Cruz—who is every conservative Republican’s hero right now—pretty much eviscerate Hagel?

Given that Jews vote overwhelmingly for Democrats, the question Maher should’ve asked was why would Republicans, who stand to gain little in the way of votes, care so much about that tiny island of liberalism in a sea of reactionary hatred?

Seems to me that if you find yourself standing on the same side of a nominee as Stormfront and Ahmadinejad, you reassess your stance.  Seems to me that Maher has just outed the Democrats as the party of anti-Semitism.

Remind me again, please, why Jews vote as they do.


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Politically incorrect? Ha! Try politically paranoid.

We all know how we feel about the vile Bill Maher, but what do comedians who’ve worked with him have to say? Are they impressed?

*** Language Warning: A few F-Bombs in this clip ***

“Remind me again, please, why Jews vote as they do.”

Living on the borderline of Chicago and Lincolnwood (in a predominantly Jewish area), that is just one, of many things in lifetime, that I will never understand…!

southcentralpa | February 17, 2013 at 6:17 pm

Well, I’m fairly sure it’s not Parnassa …

Bill Maher is one of the very few liberals who openly supports Israel. I don’t know where he got the idea Republicans have claimed Israel controls your government, I’m not familiar with any who said that, but Maher certainly doesn’t agree with Republicans in general or in this specific instance.

I think these are more in line with his opinion on the matter.

ZOG? Let’s see … oh yes, they put Louis Farrakhan in the Oval Office, who in turn lets the Muslim Brotherhood take Egypt and Libya, goes soft on Iran, and treats Israel like dirt, and will probably sit back as they get annihilated when WWIII starts. Hmmm. That’s a bit too conspiratorial for even the average tin-foil-hat type. Then again, maybe not.

“Remind me again, please, why Jews vote as they do.”

Perhaps Jews who vote Democrat do so for reasons unrelated to their religious beliefs. If so, identifying those reasons becomes the question and the task of those who would win their votes away from Democrats.

Push/pull: Are Jews pulled to the Democrats based on policy, practice, or by historical inertia, having always voted Democrat? Do Jews vote Democrat because they are pushed away from Republican policies, practices, or the same historical inertia of “because we’ve always voted that way”?

It may be a fallacy to believe that individuals within a group that tends to vote the same way all do so for the same reason. Are there myriad reasons for Jews to vote Democrat instead of Republican? How much does geography play into it? Do Jews living in low density, non-urban areas also vote primarily Democrat, or is it an urban bloc thing?

Why vote for the party that brought the KKK to blacks and is now lying about it? Why vote for the party many Jews marched against alongside blacks, the party that brought out Bull Connor and other such voices of tolerance?

I have said it before, and, since I’m not politically correct, I will say it again: many Jews have a death wish.

Fresh from Hitler, fresh from Soviet Russia, many Jews came to America and gravitated to a party in which they likely perceived significant elements of what they had left behind. People like to stick with what they know, IMO, and the Jews fleeing repression and extermination gravitated to and clung to the Democrat party out of some mistaken belief that things would be different in America.

You can’t keep making the same mistake and expecting different results. So, we have Jews clinging to a deeply anti-Semitic party which forces them to act contrary to the interests of their fellows. Chuck Schumer was pretty much the guy Obama went to either for Hagel or Brennan–I can’t remember which. Both are anti-Semites, and Brennan is a Muslim, reportedly. Given these men’s stance to Israel, and by extension Jews, why would Schumer, Jew, act against himself to advance either men?

If Obama had been a Reoublican, Schumer would be in front of the camera now. Don’t get between him and the camera. Obama is a Democrat and Schumer does the dirty work and sucks up the anti-Semitism. Why? He’s staying with the concentration camp he knows.

As for Maher, apart from being a pig of a Democrat, but I repeat myself, his name tells the story of his anti-Semitism. The Democrat party, post-slavery onward, have finally created the atmosphere in which people like him can spew their vileness and and be celebrated, and many Jews have been complicit in it. Ask George Soros.

I call that having a death wish because you refuse to learn from history.

BannedbytheGuardian | February 18, 2013 at 3:53 am

In Australia it is estimated that Jewish persons vote 33% Labor & 66% the other people.
This years election date was announced in January as Yom Kippur day – Sept 14.

As voting is compulsory , one headline was ……Jews Go Postal.

Truth is stranger than fiction

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