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All the President’s Media

All the President’s Media

What happens when the legendary investigative reporter at The Washington Post investigates Obama and reaches findings that do not fit the pro-Obama media narrative?

Yesterday Prof. Jacobson tweeted:

(more, including some dissents, at memeorandum)

As noted a few days ago, Woodward reported that President Obama reneged on a 2011 budget deal with Speaker Boehner, by asking for more tax hikes.

To be sure, Woodward faulted both sides, writing “… neither was able to transcend their fixed partisan convictions and dogmas. Rather than fixing the problem, they postponed it. . . . When they met resistance from other leaders in their parties, they did not stand their ground.” However his judgment of the President is harsher.

For all of the hysterical reporting about the sequester, how many mainstream news stories remind us that the sequester was the President’s idea, that he’s changed the terms of what he’d accept to avert a sequester and that it was his demand that scuttled an earlier budget deal? These aren’t Republican talking points, these are incidents reported by Bob Woodward.

Forty years ago the reporting of Bob Woodward (along with Carl Bernstein) stood as an example of crusading journalism, which led to the resignation of a president who had won by a landslide two years earlier. Now, Woodward’s reporting is largely ignored by the very same media. In this case their silence is to protect a president they adore, but who won a narrow victory three months ago.

A related thought from John Podhoretz:

Woodward is coming under attack from Ezra Klein of The Washington Post, who claims that the American people moved the goal posts, which Drudge humorously headlines as follows:

Drudge - Woodward Guppy


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Ezra has just won the award for biggest hack at the WP. Now admittedly, that wasn’t a high bar to cross but his whining about Democrat vs Republican turnout in the Congressional elections sealed the deal. Did anyone at the WP explain to him that a large turnout in say… Chicago means nothing to a congressional race in say… Wyoming?

Doesn’t matter what these idiots at the Wash Post say. This country’s fiscal matters will soon come to a head. The economic laws do not stop at America’s borders.

You cannot spend this much, print this much, and live beyond your means forever with no consequences. A fiscal reckoning is coming, there is no way around it. Prepare, pay off as much debt as you can, don’t take on new debt, save money as much as you can.

I am seeing cracks in the Obama MSM wall of believers.

Politico takes a shot

Woodward swings a sledge hammer and connects

NYT today features ON THE FRONT PAGE ABOVE THE FOLD a piece on a 32 year old upstart blogger Michael Goldfarb as being a provacteur on the Hagel nomination

NYT also in another front page piece on BO’s Lobbying Arm but quote Common Cause as saying BO lobby group “Stinks” (of the distinct possibility of bad government and corruption)

Good stuff seems to be seeping out….

maybe an earlier sign for the rest of the MSM to look a bit closer.

I am not holding my breath that things really change, but some tone has changed…

Ezra who?

Ezra Klein just earned himself a nickname:

“Guppy” Klein. A small fish to be sure! (Klein means ‘small’ in German)

    george in reply to Paul. | February 24, 2013 at 9:51 pm

    Ezra is a biblical name meaning “helper”

    Ezra Klein, aka Guppy, the Little Helper of BO!

    ha. good one.


Spencer Ackerman will “smash [you] through a plate-glass” aquarium window, Muddahfuddah!!!

Drudge is the master of headline writing. It’s hard to find someone else who can connote as much in so few words.

The real trick is to prepare an option for the electorate when Obama-rot fully sets in.

Watch Ted Cruz — even more so than Marco Rubio.

You know it is a whopper when even the WaPo comes out against you.