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Across party lines

Across party lines

This infographic was forwarded to me by a reader.

I thought it was pretty good.

It picks up on a theme I have written about before, Finding common ground in limited government — I am the NRA and EFF.

Government Bullies: 5 Ways Americans are Bullied by the Government
Source: Government Bullies: 5 Ways Americans are Bullied by the Government


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It’s funny, I at least never thought I’d become part of the ‘paranoid’ class of people that we always mocked leftists out of power for being.

But I have to say, with the people now in power in our government coupled and with the complete corruption of our traditional news media outlets, being paranoid about the government now seems a pretty healthy choice.

I’ve often wondered…

..and thought I knew. Now, I don’t.

So, I’ll ask:

Does government bullying start at the local level, and migrate upward?

Or, is it passed down from on high?

    nordic_prince in reply to Browndog. | February 20, 2013 at 8:43 pm

    Well, $#!+ runs downhill, they say ~

      I had it the opposite. I had local school board members, drain commission, Zoning, public works, police chiefs, etc.., learning at the grassroots level–then, run for higher office…

      Become mayors, state legislators, county commissioners…

      Off to Washington, to apply their trade.

      However, after today, I think my other theory may apply:

      Your local officials see the corruption at the highest offices, and want their own MTV….money for nothin’, checks for free.

    The ultimate safeguard is the Constitution, at the federal level. When that goes, we’re done.

    Historically, the federal government has freed people in some of the states from tyranny. In the bizarro world we’re finding ourselves in — with lunatics in the highest offices of our government — the federal government now seems to be the source of tyranny.

BannedbytheGuardian | February 20, 2013 at 9:34 pm

Prof – are you sure you are not from Boulder?

    That’s right Bouldaire the beacon of freedom with surveillance cameras on every corner.

      BannedbytheGuardian in reply to jdkchem. | February 20, 2013 at 10:48 pm

      I just checked that out because I did not recall any .

      Lit is Denver with the 102 cameras.

      Boulder currently has a 180ilb 5 ‘0 – 5’2″ Hispanic butterball being sought for attempted sexual assault on the loose.

      Just passin on the message should you see one out & about.

        There are cameras all throughout the downtown area. In addition to the revenue enhancing red-light cameras. All in the name of protecting the children of course.

Story time…

Last Friday I was written a city violation for having my 12′ aluminum row boat on an “insufficient surface”. According to the ordinance, I had 7 days to pour a concrete slab for two tires no bigger than that of a wheel borrow.

It’s Michigan, in mid-February. You cannot pour concrete in winter- Boat’s been there forever, as is my neighbors, and 5 others in two blocks.

Long story short, the ticket cited “ICC Property Maintenance Code”.

Bethca didn’t know about this!

(Yea, I know–so they tell me–IT’S THE CODE! YOU MUST COMPLY!)…Problem is, I can’t.

The emergent coercive behavior of the federal government should be reported to the federal government for immediate remediation efforts in their anti-bully campaign. It may not be too late to stop their aggressive, and oppressive, behavior from metastasizing and harming the rest of the population.

Think of the children. Stop the bullying.

That said, has anyone else noticed the celebrity-like “charitable” behavior of the federal government to compensate for their known bad behavior when caught in the act? It is evident in the latest gun control campaign, which was launched after their effort to arm criminal cartels was exposed, and following the death of several hundred Mexicans, and at least one American.

Can the anti-bully also be the bully?

Building code and fire marshals…..

Years ago I had 10 acres in a rural part of the county. I had an architect plan a small 1,000 sq/foot cabin that would completely blend in with the environment. One of the things the plans called for was a standing seam metal roof and metal siding.

The fire marshal refused to allow the metal siding because it had no fire rating. I contacted the metal siding manufacturer and asked about a fire rating. They said there is no fire rating because it is metal and will not burn. The fire marshal refused to accept that and we had to completely redesign the cabin.

Often small people are granted way too much power.

    Browndog in reply to Anchovy. | February 20, 2013 at 10:39 pm

    Shoulda went with hidden seam..

    You illustrate my point-

    From the dog catcher to the ticket collector at the H.S. football game-

    How is that all (seemingly) put into position of authority abuse it? And, why do we tolerate it?

    Pravda recently called us the most corrupt country in the world…outrage ensued. Based on legacy, I think.

The tenth amendment center advocates for all sorts of states’ rights issues, ranging from gun control to the Food Freedom Act to marijuana laws. I pretty much know when I refer people there, they’re going to be shocked by something on that website, whether they’re from the left or right side of the political spectrum 😉

Their tracking tool gives you an idea of the range of issues that they advocate for:

But, but…Where’s the fluoridation of water on their chart? And immunization? They have that EVIL pasteurization, so why not the others?

Look, there’s a lot to agree on that infographic, but it’s common ground with lunacy on the “Evil” of pasteurization. That’s not the problem, where public safety is a valid concern.

Where it gets to be totalitarian is when the government says you can’t produce raw milk for sale to those who understand the risks(i.e. have people sign a waiver), or those who consume raw milk on their own premises from cows they milked themselves.

Actually, while I do admit to a teeny weeny bit of paranoia, the real threat is not just to gun control, as Feinstein’s junk bill is loosely titled, it’s to the entire Bill of Rights, especially to the 1st Amendment, which many if not most Progressives want greatly diminished if not completely thrown out.

Our native progressives are truly champing at the bit to enact laws containing their definition of “Hate Speech!” Also, again IMHO, these progressives want to strip away our rights against search and seizure, against self incrimination, against all 10-amendments in the BOR, including the 3rd too.

Of course, I’m completely in error, using the term “progressives” to label those folks, they really are authoritarians or as they are sometimes called, Socialists.

However, their focus is on the 2nd Amendment initially and then the 1st Amendment because of all the hateful attributes, and labels, they shall apply to all of our arguments against their unlawful and totalitarian proposals. That ancient Constitution of ours, defining so many negative rights, to paraphrase one of their leaders, needs, in their view, to be ripped apart, totally shredded too, before they shall be content. So, our task is somewhat simple, defend our Constitution, yet difficult too.

Milk has been pasteurized since the turn of the 20th century when Louis invented the process. Milk can have lots of bad bacteria that make us sick. My 30 years in the dairy business convinces me that the raw milk nuts need to get a life. In the old days, the hippies wanted all that good bacteria that comes with yogurt, but guess what, all the bad stuff was killed off first.

I will tell you that when I was a kid in the ’40s, my milk was delivered by the milkman straight out of Bessie with the cream on top – but I didn’t know any better and Mom and Dad bought what they could afford.

That’s true, Louis Pasteur did invent pasteurization.

Though I never did figure out why he called it ‘pasteurization.’ (Must mean something in French.)

BannedbytheGuardian | February 21, 2013 at 2:16 am

I would replace the Marijuana poster for Opium & it’s cheapest derivative Morphine.

Medical Morphine is in critical short supply throughout the world & tens of millions of people per year die unnecessary painful deaths.

Marijuana is a minor medical assist.

Both were legally grown (opium poppy ) until 1940 . Opium was the religion of the masses not vice versa.

And the bullying goes on and on: onerous gun control legislation, oppressive and coercive taxation with confiscation of private property, four more years of the Bully-in-Chief Obama, Supreme Court justices with no regard for the Constitution, Democrats who pummel the people with more and more debt…

And don’t forget large soda drink restrictions, RDAs, carbon credits(?), death panels and…mattress label warnings!

Give me liberty or get me out of here.