My home State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations is under the foot of the unions and the Democratic politicians they control.

This tiny beautiful state is politically pathetic, with a voting death grip on big goverment. It’s a death spiral, as witnessed by the loss of population, RI population decline ‘unprecedented’:

U.S. Census Bureau estimates show that Rhode Island’s population has declined by 24,000 people since 2004, an unprecedented loss of state residents.

According to our news partners at The Providence Journal, the population drop easily tops the decrease of nearly 2,600 residents between the censuses of 1970 and 1980, the only decade that Rhode Island’s population has declined from one census to the next. The 1980 census captured a population loss after the U.S. Navy all but left Narragansett Bay in 1974. Reporter Ted Nesi first reported the population loss last month, and pointed out that Rhode Island was only one of two states in the entire country to lose population. Vermont was the other state.

North Dakota saw the highest increase, amid a booming job market due to growth in its fossil-fuel sector.

Nesi also pointed out that Census Bureau information showed Rhode Island was the slowest growing state in New England, and the second-slowest in the country.

RI population decline ‘unprecedented’

Meanwhile, Texas is booming:

The Texas Legislature will have 12.4 percent more revenue to spend in the next two budget years because of higher-than-expected tax collections, state Comptroller Susan Combs projected on Monday.

“Texas experienced a very strong rebound from a severe recession,” said Combs, who issued her biennial revenue estimate a day before the Texas Legislature convenes.

Let me see if I can do the math. The most Democratic state in the country run by unions and in love with big government is failing and people fleeing, while a solidly Republican free-enterprise loving state which tries to get government out of the way is thriving.

Turn out the lights Rhode Island, the Democratic Party’s over.