Thursday night, newly re-minted Congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL) appeared on Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show to talk about the upcoming debt ceiling battle.

In a display that looks to be a good indication of the immediate future of bipartisanship in Congress, Grayson wasted no time demonizing the other side of the aisle, accusing Congressional Republicans of “legislative terrorism.”

Via Red Alert Politics:

“They change because they see it’s a device for them to extract concessions they’d never other wise be able to accomplish. That’s why it’s legislative terrorism,” Grayson said  last night on PoliticsNation. “They’re using the debt ceiling as a means to cut Social Security benefits, cut Medicare benefits, cut unemployment insurance, cut anything of any use to any ordinary human being in this country, simply because they want more tax cuts for the rich.”

Republicans want to make reforms to Medicare specifically, which could go broke as soon as 2016. They also want to return to stricter limits on how long families can claim unemployment – a time period that has repeatedly been extended over the last several years. Republicans have not made any plans to cut Social Security benefits, and the back and forth over tax cuts for the rich has nothing to do with the debt ceiling. Furthermore, Grayson’s claim that Republicans are to “cut anything of any use to any ordinary human being in this country” is plainly false.

All outrageous hyperbole aside, what do you think would happen if a Republican, who had perhaps ascended to office thanks to Tea Party support, had leveled a similar accusation against the President?

I shudder to think how the cries of bigotry would ring out from the highest levels of the professional media if an elected Republican accused the President of executive terrorism because of his handling of the debt deal. Indeed, the media has previously assaulted something as trivial as Romney’s use of the term ‘Obamacare” in place of the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” as overtly racist.  Here’s what Michael Tomasky at Newsweek had to say about it back in July. (h/t The Blaze) [Emphasis supplied]

But [Romney] wasn’t a race-baiter until yesterday. That speech wasn’t to the NAACP. It was to Rush Limbaugh. It was to Tea Party Nation. It was to Fox News. Oh, he said some nice things. And sure, let’s give him one point for going there at all. But listen: You don’t go into the NAACP and use the word “Obamacare” and think that you’re not going to hear some boos. It’s a heavily loaded word, and Romney and his people know very well that liberals and the president’s supporters consider it an insult.

Sadly, no one is surprised that comments like the ones made by Grayson somehow escape the ire of the main stream media whistleblowers who are capable of finding offensiveness at just about every turn when dealing with Republicans.

Not to worry, though, Grayson is a fount of ridiculous statements. He will doubtless keep us plenty busy throughout the 113th Congress.


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