The 2013 Academy Award nominations (snooze…) were announced today, and it is Washington, D.C., it appears, that really should be getting “best actor.”

Three films, Zero Dark Thirty, Lincoln, and Argo were among those nominated for Best Picture. In a time when the American public views Congress with less esteem than cockroaches, it is no surprise that Hollywood has risen to the occasion. As I understand it, Zero Dark Thirty highlights the CIA’s role in hunting down Bin Laden and Lincoln opportunely focuses on a president in the midst of civil strife. Only Argo, as reviewed by National Review‘s Charlie Cooke, highlights a time when Washington, and specifically President Carter’s administration, was less than up to the task. Cooke recommends the movie heartily.

On the other hand, some have expressed surprise that the Dark Knight Rises batman film, a favorite among conservatives, was shut out of a nomination for visual effects.

See the full list of nominees here.

I am proud to say I have seen none of the films nominated for best film, a feat I hope to repeat in years to come.