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Voting for Speaker (Update — Boehner reelected)

Voting for Speaker (Update — Boehner reelected)

Updates: John Boehner was relected, but just barely. It looked for a short while like he may not make it, but once it became clear he would get a majority of those voting, some “conservatives” who had not voted when first called decided to vote for Boehner.

Final certified numbers: Of total 426 voting, Boehner received 220.

Boehner Election

Here are some tweets explaining how it went:

Going on as I post this. No other Republican names were put in nomination other than Boehner.

I’ll embed my Fiscal Cliff feed, which seems appropriate.


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Sounds a lot like a North Korean election.

Love Louie Gohmert.

The Grim Weeper needs 218 votes, if not then another name will be summitted.
Considering this trecherous bastards revenge this is a prudent move.

johnnycab23513 | January 3, 2013 at 1:14 pm

This will end up just like the presidential nomination.We get the sellout the elite wants us to have and like it

All talk for show!

I wrote my Rep. weeks ago that I’d prefer the office remain unfilled provided the spending was not reduced at least to the measure of the sequester.

Perhaps I should have dispensed with caveats.

Barack Obama was reelected – just barely.

John Boehner was reelected – just barely.

The United States is holding on – just barely.

But now with exactly the wrong men in exactly the wrong places at exactly the wrong times, we cannot hope to hold on too much longer.

Enjoy your next two years, John. Vote in more perks and retirement benefits like a good establishment satrap. You and your party are done.

It’s official.

Boehner got 220.

He stays.

And I’m out.

The GOP can kiss my ass.

Another year of Country Club GOP politics. We’re doomed.

Same old leadership, same old attitude, same old Looozers !! Bye, bye House.


[…] Insurrection gathered up tweets live, explaining how the re-election of Boehner as Speaker went […]

I don’t have words. The nation is lost.

And there hasn’t been a Loggins & Messina video in months…..

Maybe that’s why Boehner’s crying.

Boehner was re-elected!? No shock that there is yet another Republican cave but I reaffirm that there is no justice any more.

And WE think Obama voters are stupid for doubling-down on failure??

Time for a financial war on the GOP — not money. Not a dime.

It just tells you how weak the conservatives are within the party. The strongest survive. Boehner is one tough cookie.