What an embarrassment.

To say that Republicans in Congress folded like a cheap suit is an insult to cheap suits.

The “fiscal cliff” was mishandled from day one.  There was a lack of strategy and the tactics could not make up for that.

To borrow Kurt Schlichter’s phrase:

a skilled lawyer understands the awesome power of being the craziest, most unreasonable and scariest guy at the table.

That guy was Obama, contrary to what the media and Democrats told you.

Obama insisted he was willing to go over the cliff, we insisted we weren’t.  He won, we lost.

The Republican leadership failed miserably.

Their lack of conviction is my liberation theology.  Liberation from the Republican leadership.  Liberation from the Republican Party as it currently exists.  We need to have an “R” after our names only because in our two-party system, third parties fail and/or hand elections to Democrats.  We need to change what “R” means.  Think how bad the deal would have been if there were not a block of Tea Party congressmen with backbone.

Remember, Marco Rubio was the Tea Party supported candidate against Charlie Crist.  Rubio stood out yesterday.

As Michael Patrick Leahy writes:

The good news is that tea party activists around the country are currently engaged in this quiet but important mission of building an electorally competitive infrastructure. The better news is that the Washington Post will continue to miss this development.

The mainstream media has resolved to periodically churn out even more “tea party is dead” stories in 2013. Tea party activists, in contrast, have resolved to use 2013 to build the infrastructure for political success in 2014 and 2016. We’ll see which obituaries will be written after those two very important elections.

We need to continue to vote them out, to challenge them in primaries.  Because we’re alone again, naturally.


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