Bringing you another tale of citizen insurrection on the streets of Chicago, after our city, the most gun-controlled in the nation, ended the year with 532 murders. This time, at a meeting to discuss housing foreclosures and the corrupt system of redevelopment contracts, local grassroots activist Mack Glover said that Alderman Sandi Jackson “is a traitor to our community, and her family is traitors to our community, Jesse is a traitor to our community…she’s a traitor and she needs to be in jail, with her husband [Jesse Jackson, Jr.].”

Glover continued, “My problem is not against white in power, my problem is against our people in power…” and expressed his anger that all contracts to redevelop properties in his neighborhood are given to white developers. Sandi Jackson, who ushered through the ok of the contract, and who is the wife of former Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr., has been helping to grease the wheels of corruption through her position, as he sees it.

Of course, there ought to be no race involved in the selection of contracts whatsoever, but Glover is understandably upset at seeing his besieged community, desperate for jobs, being used as a game board for Rahm Emanuel’s democratic machine, the Jackson family, and their cronies to distribute properties and contracts to their cronies. This was why the Broke Party, the name for the movement from within their community to restore economic growth, demonstrated outside the ABC 7 studios against an Obama/Emanuel fundraiser and were ignored by that network.

The game goes something like this. The city, often (if not always) for dubious reasons, condemns a property, then hands out the redevelopment contract. Unions with workers from outside the city come in to redevelop the project. The unions then return the favor through supporting the black leadership in their elections.

What underlies Glover’s outrage is the union-government relationship, and the apparent racism the union operatives are exercising along the way (they say the unions shy away from hiring black workers). Along the way Glover and his fellow community members end up ruled by black Democratic leadership as if they were serfs and not citizens.

Some commenters on this site have questioned the philosophy of these insurrectionists, suggesting that it hasn’t embraced all of the same tenets of conservatism that might make it align more perfectly with other political insurrections in our country. That Glover and others like him would be well-served to seek out the thinking of Thomas Sowell, Mia Love, and the like.

It seems as though these activists are at a crucial stage, as they awaken to rejecting the Democratic party itself. I worry that they reject the party establishment but retain some of the politics of division that same party has so aptly indoctrinated into our society. And the Republicans shouldn’t congratulate themselves from being left off the hook. They have failed to present a viable alternative to the stranglehold of the Democratic machine in these areas.

Because the awakening is at the beginning stages, rather than wish they’d seek out Sowell, I think it is most fruitful to encourage those Sowells already amongst them. Listening to activist Paul McKinley and others voice their frustration doesn’t sound so different from Thomas Paine and his Common Sense calls for freedom. Thomas Sowell would offer much to them, but perhaps not right now. Right now they need leaders from their ranks to lead the charge.

But they also need support.

Some LI commenters have taken the same view as local tea parties in the area, saying “you’d march with them.” In 2013, our year of Insurrection, we ought to seek out the allies and support them as they join us in the most unifying, human cry for freedom. The implosion of the farce that is the Jackson family is in many ways similar to the realization of how hollow the shell is that is the Republican establishment. Let’s reach out a hand to another group that is resisting the political class and its accompanying stranglehold over freedom and prosperity.

There has been a unique connection between conservatives and the grassroots Broke Party movement to break away from the Democratic machine in Chicago. They are not the same in all respects, but they are fighting the establishment together from the common ground I just described. Spread the word about the Broke Party and help their movement grow from defiance to full, American insurrection.