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The Frontier Lab debuts on LI

The Frontier Lab debuts on LI

As some of you know, as part of my day job I run a nonprofit, The Frontier Lab (TFL), which uses market research to measure the state of the American character and to learn how we can best revive interest in American exceptionalism.

In 2013, I’ll be bringing some of the content from The Frontier Lab onto Legal Insurrection, to give readers a taste of what we’re finding at TFL and to gain your feedback about our scientific endeavors.

2013 should be an exciting year of insurrection not only at LI, but also at The Frontier Lab, where we are working to implement our research in one of the most important arenas of our battle to revive America: the Culture Frontier (more on that later).

I look forward to your comments on these posts, which I’ll tag “The Frontier Lab,” and I encourage you to follow TFL’s path in 2013.


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Kuhl, Anne…!!! Look forward to it.

This sounds great. Do you … or do you plan that TFL might interface in some way with conservative campaigns? As does the Analyst Institute for liberals? Or is there the equivalent of a conservative “Catalist” that applies market research to the ground game level?

    TFL is nonprofit, so we can’t get involved with campaigns. We have a larger aim — to rejuvenate demand for American principles — that should help anyone downstream who seeks the same. Thanks for your interest!

You go, girl!!

The answer is pretty simple. If you made bad choices on the frontier, you died. If you make bad choices in modern America, you become a “victim” and the government (meaning other people, of course) supports you for the rest of your life.

Fascinating. Sounds like a great fit for this blog.

Radio, television, rock n’ roll, celebrities as leaders, hip-hop, the over-attention to sexuality, and the computer, have entertained the American mind from a gray mass to a blob in neon. For more than half a century we’ve been corralled into a corner where every bit of life is supposed to sparkle, be seductive, and be absolute fun. Fun doesn’t usually build character. I don’t think half the nation knows what the word ‘character’ means nor do they care. It’s not a fun thing. It may be Competitiveness isn’t really a fun thing, either. It’s not equal. It can be tough and unkind. But it creates the exceptional. I hope you can make the exceptional into a fun endeavor. Your lab, Anne, could turn this big ship around. Best of luck.