As some of you know, as part of my day job I run a nonprofit, The Frontier Lab (TFL), which uses market research to measure the state of the American character and to learn how we can best revive interest in American exceptionalism.

In 2013, I’ll be bringing some of the content from The Frontier Lab onto Legal Insurrection, to give readers a taste of what we’re finding at TFL and to gain your feedback about our scientific endeavors.

2013 should be an exciting year of insurrection not only at LI, but also at The Frontier Lab, where we are working to implement our research in one of the most important arenas of our battle to revive America: the Culture Frontier (more on that later).

I look forward to your comments on these posts, which I’ll tag “The Frontier Lab,” and I encourage you to follow TFL’s path in 2013.