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The company I keep

The company I keep

Search my name on Google and here are the people the algorithm in the sky says people also search for.

I can’t argue with the algorithm, since it’s just math.

Google also searched for William A. Jacobson


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I strongly suspect you don’t WANT to argue with the algorithm, either

So, what’s up with you and Elizabeth Warren? Does you wife know? 🙂

Google “Elizabeth Warren” by putting a comma delimiter after her last name, and then type “William Jacobson.”

You’ll have pages and pages of fun.

Hilarious! Did you know you are just one step away from Bill Clinton and King Obama? After doing a search on your teflon Cherokee Princess these two con-artists appeared. 🙂 From their political worldview I perceive they are all of the same tribe.

my name is the same as a famous scottish (I am too) rock climber so my results are skewed LOL

My heart is broken (whimper)…. I don’t see “Recovering Lutheran” up there….(sniff)….(boo hoo hoo)….

My heart leapt into my throat when this first popped up on my monitor. I thought it was the start of an obituary. “NOOOOOOO” I can’t tell you how relieved I was to actually read it. Whew. May you have long health.

I’m somewhat surprised

a) you think google’s congruency group of you, Althouse, Breitbart, Malkin, Warren, McCain is surprising in anyway. It’s not saying you have similar content or are people who are alike. And the bloggers among frequently link to each other and discuss Warren.

b) you refer to this as math, when it is data that they are looking at, real data, reduced with math.


Oh hey, that last part is the password WordPress randomly gave me. Isn’t it cool!? Now was that a seed word “evilh8r” that was obfuscated with math, or totally random? It’s hard for me to believe it was totally random.

“William Jacobson”


1 Result:

The William Jacobson subject must be mentioned in a lot of articles by Elizabeth Warren. 🙂

Speaking accused rapist, serially unfaithful husband and impeached former president (Bill Clinton) with but one ridiculously-average child (especially under the circumstances), to be honored as 2013 Father of the Year…

I am shocked no one here has mentioned this. In any event, I didn’t want anyone to miss his statement in response to receiving the honor:

“Thank you for the father of the year award. I couldn’t have done it alone. Remember, behind every successful man is a woman. Behind her, is his wife. But seriously, I’ve been in love with the same woman for forty-one years. If Hillary finds out, she’ll kill me. But honestly, I’ve been frank and earnest with women. In Fresno, I’m Frank and in Chicago I’m Ernest. And now, I’m father of the year.”

Too funny! Reminds me of one of those puzzles from grade school – Which of these is not like the others?

Sorry — on a roll here:

Communist Chicago teacher union leader and hate-monger Karen Lewis gives another speech. We were there:

“I’ve always been fat. My mother told me my baby pictures used to fall off the wall. And those pictures were expensive — they had to be taken by satellite.

“Yes, I eat a lot. When I go to restaurants, they give me the menu, and I just say, ‘Yes.’ I’ve gotten so fat, that even my clothes have stretch marks. My official portrait takes up four frames. But if you call me fat, I’ll get angry – and it’ll take you two trains and a bus just to get back on my good side.

“I am so fat, that I can lie down and stand up and my height doesn’t change. I show up on radar. When I go to the movies, I literally sit next to everyone. I am so fat, that I’m on both sides of my family.

“And it’s not always easy being this fat. I’m like the Bermuda triangle: when anyone walks around me, they get lost. The horse on my Polo shirt is real. The last time I saw 90210 was on a scale. And even then, the scale said, ‘to be continued.’ When my beeper goes off, everyone thinks I’m backing up. I can only take an elevator down. When I go to the beach, Greenpeace shows up and tries to tow me back into the ocean. Even then, I’ll be the only one on the beach who got a tan.

“I remember one time someone showed me a picture of my feet, and I couldn’t identify them. When I wake up in the morning, I have to get up in sections. When I got baptized, it had to be at Sea World. The one time in my life that I wore high heels, I struck oil — and that was in downtown Chicago.

“Maybe I should become a fashion plate — just like Michelle Obama — except I’d eat everything on it. Hey, speaking of fat, whatever happened to Michelle Obama?”

What a nice, languid honey badger in your portrait…!!!

mostly good company you keep

TrooperJohnSmith | January 11, 2013 at 1:06 pm

It looks like a good poker hand… 4-aces and the Joker!!