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The best and the brightest

The best and the brightest

but not necessarily the most forthright.

The second term Obama nominees are a good indicator that it will be four years of aggressive agitating by Obama.

We should fight every objectionable nominee.


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“We should fight every objectionable nominee.”

Which…so far…is all of them…

TrooperJohnSmith | January 11, 2013 at 1:03 pm

Lew is a liar? He’s corrupt? His ethics are questionable? Hell, he’s totally qualified to serve Prez-O-Bama!

I suspect that we will also begin to see a different Michelle!

Maybe if we put White House salaries last, using the remaining non-debt revenue.

“it will be four years of aggressive agitating by Obama.”

At first I only suspected, it but now I am certian, every thing Obama does is a way to flip the bird at us, and he is getting bolder and bolder about it. He knows the powers that put him in place stole the presidency for him and that we are powerless to recitify the situation.

Maybe it is his way to try to tell us what is happening.

And who will do that fighting??? Judging by what has come before, I wouldn’t hold my breath for our Congressional reps. The few lone voices will be quashed in exchange for a “go along to get along” Kumbaya feel good moment. We can complain and write to our reps until we are blue in the face. If they don’t step up to the plate and put their integrity on the line for the good of this nation, I fear for the future.