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Support Blazing Cat Fur

Support Blazing Cat Fur

I posted the other day about the lawfare threats against Canadian blog Blazing Cat Fur, In 2013, protect and support your local blogger more than ever.

I didn’t realize it, but they already have been sued by Michael Mann, who has sued National Review and Mark Steyn.

As bizarre as the suit against NR and Steyn sounds, the suit against Blazing Cat Fur goes a step further, as Steyn writes:

Thank you for your kind donations to our legal defense fund against a nuisance suit from self-endowed Nobel laureate Michael Mann. We can always use a little more — we’re in court in D.C. later this month, and the framed copy of my online legal diploma (valid most jurisdictions except the Northern Mariana Islands and Abkhazia) from a website in Tajikistan has apparently been delayed in the Christmas mail.

But here’s the thing. South of the border, National Review is being sued for defamation for publishing a piece by me. North of the border, they’ve gone to the next stage: one of Canada’s top bloggers is being sued for defamation merely for linking to me – or, as the plaintiff puts it, to “far-right website SteynOnline“. He’s seeking half-a-million bucks in damages, which even in Canada seems a high price for an Internet link to lil’ ol’ me.

Steyn made this appeal in response to earlier lawsuits against Blazing Cat Fur:

Contribute to the Blazing Cat Fur Legal Defense Fund. I just did.


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to the full extent allowed by law.



Canada. No bill of rights. Sux. Fixit.

    BannedbytheGuardian in reply to [email protected]. | January 4, 2013 at 12:10 am

    There seems to be a lot of suing in America even though there is a B o R.

    Is this thing under Canadian law & if so who here understands it?

      No, there is not.

      Not that we un-PC in America are out of the woods. And we have our share of law suits.

      But the Bill of Rights (in America) specifically protects free speech from infringement by the Government (not law suits) and the problems in Canada come directly from a lack of anything that could be meaningfully described as a Bill of Rights.

      Canada. Sux. Fixit.

        BannedbytheGuardian in reply to [email protected]. | January 4, 2013 at 11:57 pm

        Given that one of the suits mentIoned by Steyn is in the USA & one in Canada seems to be that opportunity is there for both.

        “Canada. Sux .Fixit” .

        Canada’s future is so bright they need goggles.

    Canada has a Bill of Rights although it most aspects it’s been superceded by the newer Charter of Rights and Freedoms

It is amazing — bloggers having to do the work of the GOP and the House.

With the re-election of Boehner, the GOP sealed its fate: I have a very dependable source that informed me that the usual big GOP donors are now turning their backs (and wallets) on the GOP ‘consultants’ hacks who have failed them so profoundly.

As an augmentation to reader donations, it is now really worth pursuing funding from these big money people, as they are done putting money down the GOP rat hole and now looking for effective ways to make their political money work.

    In a capitalistic free market that is called creative destruction, and the demise of the Republican party should be given no more never-mind than your inability to buy a Twinkie today.

    The GOP had been the natural home for those who considered themselves patriotic and conservative in their politics.

    But the entrenchment of the Washington elite made the GOP the Washington Generals to the Democrat’s Harlem Globetrotters.

    It’s time we realized that the game we are watching is not really competitive basketball but a Kabuki theatre with cool ball tricks and slapstick comedy routines.

    A pox upon both their houses – both parties must be removed from power, the damage they have wrought undone, the Constitution reaffirmed and repaired from the damage done by progressives, and those who have perpetrated this treason upon our land severely punished.

    Not that I expect any of that to happen, and certainly not without great violence just as it was the last time this nation couldn’t quite come to terms with a political issue.

If Mann sues someone for defamation for calling him a fraud, wouldn’t the emails UVA refused to release earlier be discoverable? Were not those public records sought because of known back-channel conspiring with a number of the other climate change suspects?

    brett_mcs in reply to Estragon. | January 4, 2013 at 5:17 am

    Indeed, that is why Steyn and the NRO people were surprised – and pleased – when Mann actually went through with his threat. They couldn’t believe their luck.

Donald Douglas | January 4, 2013 at 5:07 am

I sent a little help before Christmas, but I’ll be chipping in a bit more as we go forward. Blazing’s a great blog buddy and moral standard bearer.

Blazing Cat Fur and his wife Five Feet of Fury (Kathy Shaidle) are brilliant bloggers who are both at the sharp end of the culture war, on the side of liberty – they would be canaries in the coal mine except BCF’s cat ate the canary.