From The Providence Journal:

“IPlead ThePiff” posed on his Facebook page with marijuana, money, a delivery guarantee — and guns.

“I don’t talk,” he wrote on one photo. “I let my guns sing and if a … gotta problem. wit it tell em my revolver said it.”

A commenter warned him: “Stop putting them picks up. Thats how I got raided.”

But IPlead ThePiff — a 19-year-old gang member named Darren Main Jr. — didn’t listen.

Providence narcotics officers saw the Facebook page and accepted IPlead’s 24-hour delivery invitation. This month, Main sold drugs to an undercover detective and talked about buying a gun, the police said.

On Monday, police raided Main’s residence at 670 Manton Ave. and seized marijuana and two guns. Main was charged and held without bail.

And no limit is going to stop him from using his six-shooter. He’s the problem.