Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) returned to the Capitol today almost one year after he suffered a stroke. In a series of interviews with selected press, the Senator said that he would have voted against the fiscal cliff legislation, saying it was “overweighted with spending,” but went on to express a few less than promising thoughts.

After praising the citizens of Illinois for their patience, he went on to say “The stamina comes from my colleagues, Dick Durbin who has been an absolute prince to me.” When asked about Obama’s win, Kirk replied that, “he has a better multicultural view of the country as it is.”

Kirk listed his priority issues as including funding more rehab visits, to which he credits his recovery, and partnering with Senator Dick Durbin to expand O’Hare Airport, both question marks to say the least in these tough economic times.

Tomorrow, he plans to climb the steps of the U.S. Capitol, no small feat for someone who will use a wheelchair for most of his Senate activities and cannot run or swim, requiring a cane to walk even small distances.