Remember when then Illinois-state-senator Barack Hussein Obama appeared on national television for the first time and told us that there is “no black America and white America… There is only the United States of America”? Sure you do.

Remember when Kanye West said “George Bush” doesn’t care about black people”?  Sure you do.

Remember when then U.S. Senator Barack Hussein Obama said of the then-current president, “The problem is, is that the way Bush has done it for the last eight ways, is to take out a credit card from the bank of China in the name of our children…”  Sure you do.

Remember when President-elect Barack Hussein Obama was going to be the country’s first “post-racial” president?  Sure you do.

Remember when the MSNBC “host” Touré accused Mitt Romney of engaging in the “niggarization” of President Barack Hussein Obama—and then denied that that was racist?  Sure you do.

Here’s another canard to add to your memory banks (via Mediaite):

On Friday, MSNBC’s The Cycle investigated the outrage directed at cohost Steve Kornacki, as well as other journalists, for referring to President Barack Obama simply as “Obama” after the first reference. …

“We’re touching on something really deep here,” Touré opined. “[People] feel very defensive as well, because of the very racist – very nakedly racist — attacks on him that we see constantly.” He noted that the word policing was “silly,” but a sense of defensiveness about the “hatred” Obama faces is legitimate and justified.

Remember when Touré said that only by reelecting President Barack Hussein Obama will America prove that it isn’t a racist country?

Surely you don’t care anymore.