I don’t normally prowl the threads of Democratic Underground, but was interested to read comments regarding one of their complaints about an increase in social security withholding tax after Rush Limbaugh remarked on it today.

Surprise! The author self-deleted the comment.

Deleted by author

I guess being featured on Limbaugh’s program was more shame that NCTraveler could bear. However, she is not the only one shocked to discover that they are counted among the “1 percent”, the “wealthy”, and the “privileged” by Team Obama today.

Twitchy has a compendium of tweets
that show a complete lack of understanding about the impact of progressive policies and federal fiscal irresponsibility on the individual level. My personal favorites are from the employers who have to hand out the smaller paychecks to their unhappy employees:

Employers comments

It must be especially frustrating to those who got a raise in 2012, to find they will actually be taking home less real pay in 2013. Happy New Year!

But the news gets even grimmer. December’s employment numbers remain weak, and Business Insider published a fairly scary chart comparing today’s employment situation to other post World War II era.

Job Chart

“This shows the depth of the recent employment recession – worse than any other post-war recession – and the relatively slow recovery due to the lingering effects of the housing bust and financial crisis,” writes Bill McBride of Calculated Risk.

I suspect that these will not be the only fiscal shocks progressives will be in for over the next few years. Obama truly has a golden touch!


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