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Please, please make Jennifer Granholm Secretary of Transportation

Please, please make Jennifer Granholm Secretary of Transportation

Via The Hill:

Speculation on Ray LaHood’s replacement as President Obama’s Transportation secretary is focusing on a group of former transportation officials and 2012 presidential campaign surrogates — including Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (D) and former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D)….

If he looks to change that narrative with the selection of a woman for Transportation secretary, a pair of former female governors who were surrogates for his 2012 reelection campaign — Granholm and former Washington state Gov. Christine Gregoire (D) — have also been mentioned as potential DOT contenders….

Meanwhile, Granholm is a former two-term governor of the state that is home to the American auto industry. She recently ended her Current TV show, and she gave a fiery speech at the Democratic National Convention touting the bailout of the auto industry that has been viewed 86,000 times on YouTube.

Great, YouTube views as a measure of worth for a Cabinet position.

Please, please.

We need to raise the level of absurdity in Washington, D.C. a few notches.  We need this, for the comic relief if nothing else:


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She is quite animated … and somewhat hot … but not to the level of Palin. I could sure use some comic relief with her animations and histrionics. She gets my vote.

Sorry, Professor, but my (thankfully) soon-to-be-former mayor, Tony Villaraigosa needs that job. How else is he going to score free tickets to Redskins games? (The obtaining of free stuff seems to be Tony’s conception of his current job…)

We could have a whole “Dating Game” theme to the confirmation hearings. It would be loads of fun. 😛

As to her “hotness” I WOULD kick her out of bed, knowing that sooner or later she would open that nasty mouth (to speak).

As to the DoT, do we really need it? Serious question…

    ROFLMAO!! Just think of all the fun you might have trying to convert her to come over from the dark side. I do believe in miracles …

      TugboatPhil in reply to walls. | January 29, 2013 at 11:03 pm

      I’d be too worried about her going “Glenn Close” on me. My ex was about 2 steps away from that.

From that picture it looks like the “hottie ” is being crucified on a cross of bull squat in an ill fitting clown suit ! This is where the dem party of William Jennings Bryan has come in 100 plus years. They should be so proud !

With all due respect Prof, I had to put up with this clown for eight years. I have suffered enough.

TrooperJohnSmith | January 29, 2013 at 3:53 pm

I say nominate Debbie Wassermann Schlitz! Talk about comic relief….

86K views is a bit low. I hope more people will get to see this important video.

Scoff if you want at Granholm’s rant, but the fact is the lo-info’s eat that stuff up.

It says so much – about the importance of the Department of Transportation, about the nominee, about the person nominating.

And the world watches – some despairingly, some gleefully.

Obama wanted her as caddy but she couldn’t keep quiet.

Anyway, how’s about Squeaky Wheel building us a high speed train that rapidly transports illegals back to where they came from?

i think Villarboboso should be the next SecTrans… he would do such an epic j*b screwing things up the next president might actually agree that the whole department needs to go…

(one can hope, can’t they? %-)

I say bring back Robert Gibbs as WH press secretary.

I loved spanking the chubby boybot.

Feast your eyes….

On David Bowie’s the Great Governor’s official State portrait, that will majestically adorn our State Capitol for all of eternity:

” Models of a wind turbine and a Chevy Volt are reminders of her administration’s efforts to rebuild the state’s shattered manufacturing base through alternative energy.”

Henry Hawkins | January 29, 2013 at 6:16 pm

Former female governors…

What, is Bev “dumplin” Perdue*, recently quit guv of NC, chopped liver?????

*She’s the one who suggested we suspend elections so politicians can work without worrying about voters.

All that yelling and no truth in it.

Under Obama, there have been:
– 11,000 new food stamp applications EVERY week
– 350,000 new unemployment benefit applications every week.

The jobs she’s counting are piddly small change compared with the jobs that have been lost since the ruinous Obama has been at the helm.

Oh geez, not the Granmole. Can someone get a rat to chew that thing off her face please?
Not hot, eight years of that idiot, let algore keep her.
Or send her back to Canada (I always thought we got along Canada, why did you send her to us? We apologize for whatever caused your dissatisfaction and will never do whatever it was again).

She did appear in a YouTube video wearing a hoodie. Maybe the son 0bama didn’t have would have been with her.

I was waiting with baited breath for her to shout… “Heil Barack”

Romney said ‘Let Detroit go bankrupt’ She said, ‘Barack took the wheel.’ Yeah, he’s driving America all the way down to hell with a smile. As long as I’m driving, we’ll get to hell faster. bo

GDP -0.1% Bravo Barack Hussin Bravo. We’re getting to hell fast with this kind of driving and only 2 weeks into the 2nd term. Bravo~

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