Local Chicago NPR station WBEZ has unrolled an advertising campaign for its membership drive that calls on its listeners to “go make babies today.”

The facebook-based microsite, “Go Makes Babies,” features a five-question assessment that with the question, “The quickest way to get me thinking about reproduction: 1) Good music, 2) Good food, 3) Good laughs.” It then it gives you your matches, presumably other facebook users.

While it’s the kind of twee marketing approach that their progressive listeners might find compelling, it may reveal a legitimate concern that birth rates today may effect the politics of tomorrow. Joel Kotkin provided an interesting analysis of who will win the Hispanic vote and how the nuclear family unit’s health will affect voting behavior.

And NPR can be counted on, in this case most assuredly, to reinforce the going Hollywood message that children are an accessory, a means to an end, without mentioning the trite and old-fashioned institution of marriage.

npr babies 2


One wonders if Lena Dunham was unavailable for the video message that ought to have accompanied this ad campaign.